Heavy Snow In Areas


We continue to track a major winter storm moving across the country, dumping snow in excess of a foot in some areas. Here were 18-hour snow totals from Texas into the Mid-Atlantic through 10 AM ET this morning.

The snow fell all the way into the Dallas area, where 3.5″ fell. That made it the fourth heaviest snow during the month of March in the DFW area!


Meanwhile, if you were a snow lover, this was the area you wanted to be in! These are all the reports through 10 AM ET of a foot or more of snow, in a band that stretched from northeast Arkansas through Kentucky and into Ohio.


As of 10 AM ET, these were the top snow totals across the state of Kentucky. So far, Baizetown, KY, was the winner with almost two feet of snow! This would have fallen in about an 18-hour period. The 24-hour snow record for the state was set back on March 3rd of 1942 in Simers, when 26″ fell.


As of posting, Lexington, KY, has seen 14.6″ of snow in the past two days, breaking their all-time two-day snow record for the city!


The system responsible for the snow will continue to push east as we head through the next 24-48 hours, but some areas could still pick up a half a foot by the end of Friday.

[Track The Storm: Interactive Radar]

NWS forecast snow totals through Saturday evening. Image: WeatherBell

Areas from Virginia up to Long Island could see about a half a foot of snow over the next few days. Totals for areas further west are what is expected over the next few hours as the snow winds down and would be added to the already quite large amounts seen above.

A Short Lived Cool Down


Meanwhile, behind the snow comes another batch of cold weather. The good news is that it won’t last, as you can see the warmer greens and yellows start making their way northward as we head into the weekend and next week.


NWS forecast lows tonight. Circled indicated potential record. Image: WeatherBell

First we have to get through some temperatures that could set records tonight. If you see a circle over your area, a record low is possible tonight. Some of the cities that could see records tonight include New York, Detroit, Little Rock and Austin!


Like I said, though, much of the country will be feeling spring fever heading into next week, as we break the spell of winter for at least a few days.

Hope you can enjoy the warm up after digging out from the snow!

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