Halloween Approaches

It’s official, a witch watch has been issued for Saturday in advance of Halloween! Ghosts and goblins will likely be running rampant Saturday night looking for a sweet treat, unfortunately, some may have to waterproof a bit before heading out for fright night.

(Image courtesty: Valdemar Fishmen via Wikipedia)

Lamp pumpkin for witch

Unsettled in the Pacific

Several waves of energy will move into the Western U.S. over the next several days, the first of will begin pushing through today. Note the elongated area of disturbed weather from western British Columbia to California. This particular system will decent moisture to places in the west, especially in the Pacific Northwest where several inches of precipitation could fall over the next couple of days. This system will also be responsible for snow in the high elevations prior to moving into the Plains Friday and Saturday.

10.28.15 wknd storm system

Trough Deepens Late Week

Here’s that same are of disturbed weather by Friday morning. Note that there appears to be a fairly decent trough of low pressure developing, which will likely bring unsettled weather from the Southwestern U.S. to the Central U.S. by Friday and Saturday.

10.28.15 trough deepens

National Weather Outlook

The weather loop below (midday Wednesday – AM Friday) shows that system mentioned above moving into the Western U.S.. Note that rain and high elevation snow will begin shifting into heavier rain potential across the South-Central U.S. by late week as a surface low develops near Texas. This will likely bring more heavy rains to places that had a flood issues over the weekend/earlier this week.

10.28.15 WPC

Saturday/Halloween Outlook

Here’s a peek at weather conditions from 8AM Saturday, October 31st to 7AM Sunday, November 1st. Note that heavier rain and thunderstorms will be possible across the deep south, while lighter rainfall will be possible across parts of the Upper Mississippi Valley and east.

10.28.15 Saturday wx

Weekend Precipitation Potential

According to NOAA’s WPC, the 4 and 5 day precipitation forecast suggests heavy rains across the Gulf Coast States and across the Pacific Northwest. However, somewhat soggy weather conditions will be found through the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes Region. Some of the driest weather will be from the Desert Southwest to the Plains.

10.28.15 weekend rain

Highs on Halloween

10.28.15 sat temps

Highs From Average on Halloween

10.28.15 sat highs from avg

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