Dallas, TX

This was the EarthCam view from Dallas, TX earlier Monday after rounds of wintry precipitation pushed through. Traveling by land or by air today across parts of the southern tier of the nation will be quite problematic.

2.23.15 dallas

“Wintry precipitation for western and southern U.S. through Monday”

“A storm system and arctic cold front will bring winter weather to parts of the western and southern U.S. through Monday. Heavy snow will be possible across higher elevations from California into the Rockies. A wintry mix of snow, sleet, rain and freezing rain will be possible from New Mexico into the Gulf Coast states.”

2.23.15 winter headlines

National Weather Outlook

Weather conditions across the country are still quite active. Note how the storm across the southern tier of the nation moves east through the next few days. Today and Tuesday will feature wintry precip from the Four Corners Region to the Gulf Coast States. By the middle/end of the week, the main wave of energy that is currently over the Four Corner Region will begin sliding along the Gulf Coast States with more wintry precip in places that will be seeing it today and tomorrow.

5 Day Precipitation Outlook

2.23.15 hpc 5 day

Snowfall Potential

2.23.15 nat snow1

Probability of    > 4″ Snow

According to NOAA’s HPC, the probability of 4″ or more across far northern Georgia to parts of the Mid-Atlantic States has gone up to nearly 50% or more! Interestingly.

2.23.15 prob of 4inches

Probability of > 0.10″ Ice

Unfortunately, there going to be a continued threat of freeing rain through midweek with the potential of 0.10″ or more across parts of the Gulf Coast States through the Mid-Atlantic Region.

2.23.15 prob of 0.10 ice

Thanks for checking in and have a great last week of February!

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