Fall Colors

I love this time of year. Cool, crisp air, football and beautiful fall colors. Unfortunately, those fall colors can be gone in the blink of an eye and will like be going fast today thanks to a fairly tightly wound storm system moving along the international border.

10.12.15 fall tree

Peaking Fall Colors

Thanks to the MN DNR for the image below, which shows how far the fall colors are in the state of Minnesota. Note that most of northern Minnesota is peaking or slightly past peak.
10.12.15 fall colors

High Wind Concerns Today

The National Weather Service has issued High Wind Warnings and Wind Advisories for a large chunk of the Midwest through this evening as winds could gust to 45mph to 60mph+. Unfortunately, these long duration, strong winds wreak havoc on those beautiful fall colors.

10.12.15 RMW severe

Strong Wind Gusts

Here’s the HRRR weather model for 3pm this afternoon. Note how widespread the 35mph to near 50mph will be then. Traveling in high profiles vehicles today could be a challange.

10.12.15 winds

Strong Storm

This was the visible satellite from early Monday. Note the comma shape to the cloud cover, which signifies a fairly mature storm system.

10.12.15 low

This is a different look at the visible satellite with the pressure lines included. Note how tightly packed those lines are on the western edge of the storm, this is where winds will be the strongest.

10.12.15 low2

Here’s a closer look at the pressure lines. Note how tightly packed these lines are now.

10.12.15 RMW pressure

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