About Us


The more advance warning you receive, the more you can tailor operations, avoid disruption, save money and keep your people out of danger.


No more one-size-fits-all weather. How will inevitable storms and natural disasters impact my specific business?


Interpreting weather with your business footprint in mind provides a consistent return on investment.

No More One-Size-Fits-All Weather

Praedictix is applied meteorology: what’s the weather – and what does it mean for my specific business needs? Apps will never provide the analysis, context or perspective you need to make smart decisions. Watching weather on TV won’t save you money, streamline operations or keep your people any safer, either. There’s a smarter way to do business.

Meet our Meteorologists

Praedictix meteorologists interperet the weather with your business footprint in mind with the cutting edge latest data streams, maps and analysis from sister company, AerisWeather.