Briefings & Consultation

Weather Consulting

Let’s cut to the chase: your weather app is not enough to make important business decisions. Watching television to get the information you need? Risky. The Praedictix Weather Consulting Team breaks through the clutter of one-size-fits-all weather services by providing the analysis, context, and perspective you need to optimize your business.  Our weather consultants are degreed and certified meteorologists.

Weather impacts every industry differently, and our team is ready to deliver relevant, actionable weather intelligence for your business footprint. Timely communication to decision-makers is key. Through texts, email alerts and conference calls, you will have a direct way to connect with our team of expert meteorologists. By digging deeper than any weather app ever will we can deliver consistent results that save time, save money, and save lives.

Corporate Weather Briefings

Our roster of Fortune 500 clients rely on our custom weather briefings that go out days before a hurricane, blizzard, tornado outbreak or major flood. Adjust operations to lower risk and protect staff. No more unpleasant weather surprises. Check every box and make sure you’re doing everything in your power to keep colleagues and customers safe.

Forensic Weather

Extreme weather is becoming the new normal – weather-related insurance claims are increasing. Seasoned weather expert Paul Douglas and his team of degreed meteorologists are available to provide in-depth forensic weather research, reports, and expert testimony.

Event Forecasting

Whether it’s an important sporting event, corporate event, wedding or conference, we understand the relevance of your event and fine-tune the forecast to set your expectations for weather-sensitive outdoor events, from coast to coast. From personalized video forecasts to email briefings and call-in services leading up to your event, you can trust the weather experts at Praedictix to prepare you for the weather.

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