Forensic Weather

According to NOAA 16 separate billion-dollar weather extremes triggered over $300 billion in damage across the USA in 2017, a new record. Extreme weather is becoming the new normal – weather-related insurance claims are increasing. Meteorologist Paul Douglas and his team of expert meteorologists are available to provide extensive forensic weather research, tapping analytical and storytelling tools to explain how your assets were impacted and why. Our forensic weather reports are backed by the best available and regularly maintained past weather data. Our services range from comprehensive written reports to expert testimony in the courtroom and even forensic video presentations created in our professional studios. With decades of forensic weather experience, you can rest assured that the information we provide is reliable and accurate to a high degree of meteorological certainty.

Forensic Weather Reports

With many years of scientific and meteorological experience under their belt, our team of passionate and certified meteorologists provides in-depth analysis of even the most complicated weather cases. From Flat-Rate Reports to in-depth, custom weather analysis in print and video, you can be confident in knowing that your firm is getting the most comprehensive and reliable results, in a timely manner.


Expert Testimony

Paul Douglas’ resume includes decades worth of testifying in court on numerous weather related cases. A nationally respected meteorologist of 40 years, his knowledge and insight is sound, making him a trusted and certified source, along with a supporting team of research meteorologists. Paul was Minnesota’s first Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) certification through the American Meteorological Society.


Flat-Rate Reports

Our flat-rate reports are simple, powerful, easy to understand, typically delivered within 3 to 5 business days and offered at $250 each. Instead of spending hours researching weather impacts for a specific location and date, our staff of professional meteorologists will do it for you. Using certified and trusted sources, Praedictix takes the guesswork out of weather, increasing the potential for a successful outcome.

These site-specific reports include a summary of local weather reports within 5 and 10 miles of your location, local weather observations, and watches, warnings and advisories that were in effect during your indicated date.

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