Custom Weather Graphics

From television to websites and social media, our high-resolution weather graphics and weather maps come in all shapes and sizes, for any geographical location. We have multiple options for base-maps and a full suite of weather data layers to choose from. You can integrate your logo, sponsor graphics, and your own graphical elements such as banners and icons to complete your own unique look. With the ability to integrate sponsored content such as logos, full-screen graphics, and even full commercial inserts, now you have the tools to monetize weather like never before.

Choose from standalone weather graphics or create a looping wheel of local, automated weather content centered on your specific town. Our maps update automatically with the latest data. We can create hundreds of different weather maps and graphics to suit your needs including local radar, weather panels, extended forecasts, precipitation forecasts, weather advisory maps, and much more.

The old adage is still true: all weather is local. Your audience does not have to settle for irrelevant weather content. Ask us how we can create custom weather graphics suited for your needs and how you can monetize your content with our sponsorship integration.

Click here to learn about a television station that harnessed the power of our custom weather graphics and WeatherPlay system to update their automated weather channel for their community.

Custom graphics packages start at $250/mo.

Meet WeatherPlay

Over the years Praedictix has witnessed a growing need for a new standard in automated weather content, as compelling, cost-effective options have dwindled over time – and products that were cutting-edge 10 years ago have quickly become outdated and obsolete. Create an automated, fully customized weather channel using WeatherPlay.

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