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An Automated Weather Channel Solution

Over the years Praedictix has witnessed a growing need for a new standard in automated weather content, as compelling, cost-effective options have dwindled over time – and products that were cutting-edge 10 years ago have quickly become outdated and obsolete. With our ability to create high definition, customizable weather graphics centered on any town or geographical area, we’ve just launched a new service. “WeatherPlay” is a turn-key player system; technology that creates a fully automated, 24/7 weather channel for television and cable – tailored for your hometown and your specific operational needs.

It’s no secret that local weather content is as desirable as ever, but platform needs have grown exponentially: TV, web, mobile and social media require a unified graphical strategy to keep consumers coming back for more. We work closely with clients to create custom map views with the cities and towns they require. WeatherPlay includes a full suite of HD and 4K weather content to choose from, from radar loops, future radar and forecast maps, to current conditions and extended forecast panel graphics – centered on any town or area of interest. Powered by continuously-updating weather data, we have hundreds of weather maps and graphical options to choose from. All content is full HD and ready for on-air use.

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Local and Relevant

From larger cities and small towns to local business and resorts, our weather content is currently being used to highlight current and future weather for specific communities. We can create weather content centered on any zip code in the nation. Many of our clients are thrilled to be able to provide their audience with hyper-local, relevant weather content for their towns, not the nearest big city 100 miles away. As the old saying goes, all weather is local. Your viewers and customers will instantly notice the difference.

If you want to target a specific industry, we can help you create a “wheel” of weather content tailored to your needs and target audience. Ski resort? Ask us about our snow maps and high-resolution snowfall forecasts! Farming community? Ask us about our drought, rainfall, and future precipitation maps! International options are also available.

Monetize Your Channel

Our company has always specialized in “white-label” content, allowing you to highlight your own brand onto our custom graphics. With WeatherPlay, not only can you easily integrate your own branding and look, but the resulting hyperlocal “weather-channel-in-a-box” opens up new opportunities for sponsorships and advertising. Full-screen video advertising spots can be integrated into your wheel of content. Corner and lower-third logos can be easily implemented. With WeatherPlay’s flexible sponsor integration options, you can quickly monetize your channel, turning a modest cost into a growing profit center. Drop us a line. We’ll be happy to show you how.

WeatherPlay. Everything else is yesterday’s weather.

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