Climate Change & Praedictix

Climate Change is Here

The climate is changing, faster than any time in the geological record, according to scientists. CO2 levels are higher than they’ve been in at least 3 million years, and rising steadily. Warming oceans are making some hurricanes more intense and causing sea levels to rise, resulting in more frequent coastal flooding. Warmer air can hold more water, sparking an increase in the frequency and severity of inland flooding. Western fires are bigger, lasting longer, and rapid warming of the Arctic region may be impacting the jet stream, allowing weather systems to stall with greater frequency. Climate and weather are flip-sides of the same coin. Change the climate and the symptoms will surface in weather patterns over time. We’ve gone from climate theory to reality. Weather events that would have occurred naturally are often super-sized or “juiced”, with ever more disruption, displacement and cost to homeowners and business. 

How is Praedictix Involved?

Praedictix scientists are connecting the dots, analyzing the link between a rapidly changing climate – and weather volatility. Our team of meteorologists work with some of the world’s leading climate scientists to analyze the probable impact of a warmer, wetter climate on specific business operations. Leveraging scientific contacts and new and new and improved climate models, Praedictix is focused on agricultural trends, supply-side energy trends, architecture and HVAC requirements looking out 10-40 years, as well as health care planning. There is no time for gloom and doom. But new times require new tools. Praedictix provides expert analysis, perspective and historical context for climate and weather trends, empowering industry with actionable data that better sets expectations and optimizes long-range planning. Our goal is to increase understanding and lower risk, so business can thrive, no matter what a rapidly-changing climate throws at us.”

Tell Your Climate Story

Climate change and weather disruption is an existential threat – and an opportunity for business to become more resilient. Praedictix specializes in analyzing the latest science and trends, communicating impacts and risk levels for companies serious about sustainability and reinvention. Framing the climate story requires climate competency and masterful storytelling – from social media to written reports and compelling videos. The forecast calls for change. Are you ready to tell your climate story?

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