Spencer Municipal Utilities Launches New Weather Channel

The presence of weather is incessant – some days offering beautiful backyard barbecue weather and, well, other days raining out a child’s sporting event. In the weather industry, we have come to understand that weather affects everyone and people want to know what is going to happen in their own backyard. So when our friends in Spencer, a small community in northern Iowa located far from surrounding television markets, called with their local weather wish list, we knew we had a solution.

The Challenge

Spencer Municipal Utility (SMU) created a television channel that delivers localized weather information to their community and approached Praedictix to upgrade their content. The original service provided low-quality, antiquated weather graphics that provided little value to the community and was impossible for the client to customize. Praedictix was asked to build a player that would push a wheel of customized, highly local weather content to their channel 24/7/365.

The Solution

With access to the most complete weather data available and advanced mapping platform, Praedictix was able to create a complete arsenal of customized, high definition weather graphics that focuses solely on the Spencer community. The graphics provided were a tremendous upgrade not just visually, but also with regards to the information presented. We worked closely with the client to create a personalized “wheel” of weather content that played on a turn-key, redundant player system, created by us. This is WeatherPlay. We have answered the community’s question of “what will the weather bring ME today?”

“Being in a geographic area that is over an hour from any major station, we are the only local weather option for our customers, Praedictix gives us the resources we need to have our own local weather channel with specific information tailored for our cable television viewers.”

Karyn Leininger

Video Services Supervisor, Spencer Municipal Utilities

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