With early signs of spring apparent in various locales around the nation and heavy winter storms rearing their ugly heads in others, the change of seasons appears imminent. Winter doldrums are quickly giving way to spring fever, as the crisp biting tone is replaced by a welcomed warm breath of fresh air. A similar change is taking place in the media industry, as over-the-top (OTT) delivered content is supplanting traditional media. With Haystack TV at the forefront of providing personalized and locally relevant instantaneous consumable content, the partnership of delivering weather was opportune.

The Challenge

The opportunity to incorporate weather broadcasts into the daily stream of news was growing, but with millions of viewers tuning in from all over the nation, providing local weather forecasts to each proved to be a tall task. With Praedictix’s team of meteorologists producing around the clock content for every region of the country, the synergies between the companies were perfectly scripted.

The Solution

Haystack uses their innovative technology to provide only the personally relevant forecast to their clientele, by tying the region of viewership to the video delivered. The dynamic weather content provided by the Praedicitx team, allows for nationwide audiences to receive information they both want and enjoy.

“Locally-relevant content is a must-have for our viewers and that includes local forecasts that help them get ready for the day. We’re excited to be partnering with Praedictix to provide this solution.”

Daniel Barreto

CEO, Haystack TV

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