Wanzek Construction is a subsidiary of MasTec, Inc. As a leader in a diverse range of construction services, it became clear that it was time for them to take a proactive stance when it came to weather in order to meet their high standards. Staying on top of disruptive weather is critical to reducing project delays and mitigating productivity loss.

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The Challenge

After dealing with the direct consequences of unanticipated, unplanned disruptive weather, Wanzek recognized the need to find a credible, reliable source for weather information that fit their needs. Wanzek struggled to find accurate forecasts for wind speeds and inclement weather for their specific project sites. They quickly realized that one-size-fits-all weather updates provide little value for them and weather apps only go so far.

Additionally, Wanzek was in need of forensic weather analysis to review past weather events that impacted their project sites. They were seeking a company that, ideally, could provide all of their weather needs.  

The Solution

Praedictix worked closely with Wanzek to develop customized forecast templates that focus on parameters that are key to their decision-making. These tailored forecasts are sent twice weekly to each project’s management team. Project managers are also sent extreme weather briefings when their project sites are at risk for upcoming disruptive weather. By engaging Praedictix, Wanzek is able to properly schedule and plan their work with much higher success and reliability.

In addition to regular forecasts, Wanzek has engaged Praedictix to deliver forensic and historical weather reports to better understand the overall impact of weather on their project sites. Praedictix also provides Wanzek seasonal weather forecasts to assist with long-term planning.

Weather is no longer a surprise.


“The Praedictix team has been a huge help to Wanzek – they’re quick to respond and keep us updated with the information we need to execute a successful project!”

TJ Bird

Senior Project Manager, Wanzek

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