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National Forecast

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Need something more local than a national forecast? From television to websites and social media, our high-resolution weather maps and weather videos come in all shapes, sizes, and formats, for any geographical location. We have multiple options for base-maps and a full suite of weather data layers to choose from. Our products are entirely white-label, allowing you to push your brand, your way. You can integrate your logo, sponsor graphics, and your own graphical elements such as banners and icons to complete your own unique look. With the ability to integrate sponsored content such as logos, full-screen graphics, and even full commercial inserts, now you have the tools to monetize weather like never before.

Praedictix believes in the human factor–going beyond what your weather app tells you. Our team of degreed, certified meteorologists has decades of broadcast experience and will tell your hometown weather story with accuracy and authenticity that keeps viewers coming back for more. People still respond to other people – and compelling stories. The meteorologists at Praedictix have a passion for storytelling and delivering colorful, informative and relevant weather updates to their viewers.

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