National Weather Forecast

A messy weather map is expected on Monday across the lower 48. This includes rain and snow showers from the Pacific Northwest to the Rockies as well as from the Great Lakes to New England. Storms are possible in the central/southern Plains and across portions of Florida.

Heavy rainfall can be expected through the beginning of the work week in southern Texas, parts of Florida, and in the Northeast, where rainfall amounts of 3”+ can’t be ruled out. Some snow will fall across portions of the Rockies and Cascades.


Cool Transportation Hacks Cities Are Using to Fight Climate Change

More from Scientific American: “More than 270 million registered cars, trucks and buses currently drive along on U.S. roads, or about one for every U.S. resident aged 15 or older. Transportation is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country—and accounts for 15 percent of emissions globally. So transforming the way we get around is a crucial part of the effort to tackle the climate crisis. People and governments have recently been taking some encouragingly concrete steps in this direction with projects related to transit and city planning. They provide a basic blueprint for bringing down emissions and other vehicle-created pollution. Here Scientific American takes a look at three examples that range from simple to high-tech.

This common chemical could help shipping giants start to decarbonize

More from Canary Media: “Methanol is a ubiquitous chemical, used to make everything from paints and plastics to cosmetics and car parts. Increasingly, however, companies are eyeing a new purpose for the compound: a low-carbon fuel for cargo ships. Today, most ocean-crossing vessels burn petroleum products, including tar-like heavy fuel oil, in their massive diesel engines. As a result, international shipping accounts for about 3 percent of the world’s annual greenhouse gas emissions, along with significant amounts of smog-forming and health-harming air pollutants.

CA hits EV target ahead of schedule. It’s not the first place to do so, and won’t be the last

More from Electrek: “California has reached 1.5 million electric vehicle sales two years ahead of its planned 2025 target for the sales milestone, according to the California Energy Commission. With EV demand soaring, California is not the first place to reach its EV sales goals early, and it won’t be the last. The 2025 target was originally set in 2012 by then-Governor Jerry Brown. At the time, there was only one fully-electric vehicle for sale in California, the Nissan Leaf, with the Tesla Model S set to come out later that year. The Tesla Roadster had previously been for sale from 2008-2011 (though the company still had a few vehicles in inventory at the time).


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