National Weather Forecast

The best chances of remaining dry on Saturday will be in parts of the Southwest and Central Plains, as well as in the Northeast. Most other areas of the lower 48 will see at least scattered shower and storm chances, with some snow mixing in in the western United States.

A few inches of rain will be possible through the weekend across the central portion of the nation. The best chance of several inches of snow will be in the western mountain ranges.


New Study of Uranus’ Large Moons Shows 4 May Hold Water

More from NASA: “The work is based on new modeling and explores how oceans could exist in unlikely places in our solar system. Re-analysis of data from NASA’s Voyager spacecraft, along with new computer modeling, has led NASA scientists to conclude that four of Uranus’ largest moons likely contain an ocean layer between their cores and icy crusts. Their study is the first to detail the evolution of the interior makeup and structure of all five large moons: Ariel, Umbriel, Titania, Oberon, and Miranda. The work suggests four of the moons hold oceans that could be dozens of miles deep. In all, at least 27 moons circle Uranus, with the four largest ranging from Ariel, at 720 miles (1,160 kilometers) across, to Titania, which is 980 miles (1,580 kilometers) across. Scientists have long thought that Titania, given its size, would be most likely to retain internal heat, caused by radioactive decay. The other moons had previously been widely considered too small to retain the heat necessary to keep an internal ocean from freezing, especially because heating created by the gravitational pull of Uranus is only a minor source of heat.

This is why Charles III will be known as the 1st climate king, experts say

More from ABC News: “King Charles III wants to protect the planet for future generations — a passion he highlighted during the six decades he spent as monarch-in-waiting. Now it is abundantly clear what Charles wishes to accomplish during his time as monarch, experts say. “His mother took the crown at a very young age and nobody knew what she stood for,” David Victor, a professor of innovation and public policy at the University of California at San Diego and author of “Fixing the Climate: Strategies for an Uncertain World,” told ABC News. “Whereas he is taking the crown very late in age and everybody knows what he stands for.” Charles ascends the throne as the longest-serving Prince of Wales in British history. Throughout the years he has warned about the destructive processes that are harming the planet while implementing sustainable, organic practices in his own homes.

‘Thirsty’ AI: Training ChatGPT Required Enough Water to Fill a Nuclear Reactor’s Cooling Tower, Study Finds

More from Gizmodo: “Popular large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard are energy-intensive, requiring massive server farms to provide enough data to train the powerful programs. Cooling those same data centers also makes the AI chatbots incredibly thirsty. New research suggests training for GPT-3 alone consumed 185,000 gallons (700,000 liters) of water. An average user’s conversational exchange with ChatGPT basically amounts to dumping a large bottle of fresh water out on the ground, according to a new study. Given the chatbot’s unprecedented popularity, researchers fear all those spilled bottles could take a troubling toll on water supplies, especially amid historic droughts and looming environmental uncertainty in the US.


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