National Weather Forecast

An area of low pressure across the Great Lakes, along with associated frontal boundaries from the Front Range and Central Plains to the Mid-Atlantic will bring shower and storm activity. Storms will also be possible in parts of the Southwest and Southeast. Record heat continues to plague the Southwest.

A couple of areas of 3”+ of rain will be possible through the end of the work week: one across the Front Range into the western Central Plains, and another in parts of the Ohio and Tennessee River Valleys.


The heat index reached 152 degrees in the Middle East – nearly at the limit for human survival

More from SFGATE: “As the Northern Hemisphere approaches summer’s peak, heat is testing the limits of human survival in Earth’s hottest spots – and demonstrating the extremes that are increasingly possible and probable against the backdrop of accelerating global warming. In recent days, China set an all-time high of nearly 126 degrees Fahrenheit, while Death Valley hit 128 degrees, two shy of the highest reliably measured temperature on Earth. Phoenix experienced a record-breaking 19th consecutive day at or above 110 degrees Tuesday. And in the Middle East, the heat index reached 152 degrees, nearing – or surpassing – levels thought to be the most intense the human body can withstand.

In the California desert, old EV batteries now store solar power

More from Marketplace: “On a hot, flat, empty stretch of desert in Lancaster, California, a company is trying to solve two of renewable energy’s biggest problems at once. Problem one: The dearth of clean energy sources in the evening, when the demand for that energy is at its highest. Problem two: Electric vehicle batteries contain a lot of precious metals that need to be extracted from the Earth — a very energy-intensive process. But as they get older, the battery’s mileage range drops, and they may be replaced. In other cases, drivers get new cars long before the batteries stop working completely. B2U Storage Solutions is using the excess supply of used batteries to meet the high demand for stored clean energy. “It’s pretty simple: Take it out of the car, put it in, cable it up, and it’s ready to go,” says Rachel Harper, B2U’s operations project manager.

There’s no safe port in a changing climate

More from Axios: “Fatal flooding in the Northeast. Blistering heat waves in the South and Southwest. Wildfire smoke pouring in across the Canadian border. This summer’s extreme weather across the United States has been a vivid reminder that no corner of the country is immune to the effects of a rapidly warming planet. Why it matters: Americans who move from one region to another are increasingly citing climate change as at least one driving factor, as they seek perceived safety from larger, more frequent wildfires, stronger hurricanes and so on. Yet nowhere is truly safe from extreme weather, some of which is fueled by climate change.


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