National Weather Forecast

More active weather is expected across a good portion of the lower 48 on Friday, with showers and storms from the Great Lakes to the lower Mississippi Valley, snow or mixed precipitation chances from the western U.S. to the western Great Lakes, and some rain in southern California.

Heavy snow will impact the mountain ranges of the western United States through Saturday, with feet of snow possible (especially in the Sierra). The heaviest rain will be along the California coast between the Bay Area and L.A., where 3”+ could fall for some.


Solar coalition wants to put equity front and center in Xcel’s Minnesota rate case

More from Energy News Network: “As Minnesota regulators weigh a proposed 21% electricity rate increase by Xcel Energy, a new voice is at the table. The Just Solar Coalition is an alliance of solar developers, community organizers, environmental groups, faith leaders and others who share an interest in expanding access to clean energy and its economic benefits. The coalition formed in 2014, but this is the first utility rate case in which it sought and was granted “intervenor” status. That means its members — primarily small nonprofits with limited staff and resources — can participate in proceedings alongside the larger consumer and environmental groups that typically provide counterarguments at the Public Utilities Commission.

The cost of wildfires is rising. But by how much?

More from Grist: “With wildfires growing more intense and frequent, the United States is burning through funds in an attempt to manage the costly blazes. In the last decade, the Department of the Interior and the Forest Service — the two federal agencies most often involved in wildfire preparedness, suppression, and recovery — have nearly doubled their combined spending, according to data collected by The Pew Charitable Trusts. But wildfire management is not just a federal funding issue. States, localities, tribes, and in some cases, nonprofits and private property owners all share the burden, depending on the task at hand and the circumstances surrounding an actual fire. And according to a new report from Pew, there is not enough data readily available about how much fires are costing states. “As fires have grown, so has public spending on wildfire management,” said Pew, a non-partisan research group.

Nissan wants to be the king of electric cars again

More from Axios: “Nissan, whose entry-level Leaf dominated the U.S. electric vehicle (EV) landscape in the early 2010s before Tesla took a commanding lead, is aiming to claw back market share with a bevy of new, relatively affordable models. Its planned renaissance starts with the Ariya crossover utility, on sale in December at a starting price of $43,190. Later this decade, Nissan plans to introduce a proprietary low-cost, solid-state battery that it says will help make EVs affordable for everyone.


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