National Weather Forecast

Numerous areas of the nation could see scattered showers and storms on Friday, with the best chance of seeing strong storms from the Central Plains to the Mid-Atlantic. The heat dome remains in place from the Central Plains southward, with highs of at least 100F and many areas seeing 110F+ heat index values.

Heavy rain of 2-4” will be possible through the first half of the weekend across the Front Range and in the eastern Great Lakes into the Northeast.


18 bodies found as fires rage in Greece and Europe suffers another heat wave

More from CNN: “The burned bodies of 18 people were found as wildfires ripped through Greece on Tuesday and countries across Europe sweltered under yet another extreme heat wave. The dead, found near a village in northern Greece, may have been migrants, the fire brigade said Tuesday. Another person was killed in a fire northwest of the capital Athens on Monday. As dozens of wildfires scorch Greece, other parts of the region are suffering under intense heat, as Europe’s summer of extremes continues. More than 20 countries are under heat warnings with temperatures reaching record-breaking levels in some areas.

The kids are not all right: How young people are dealing with increasing climate anxiety

More from the CBC: “With catastrophic weather events rapidly becoming the norm each year in Canada and around the world, young people are increasingly worried about their futures. But experts say resources to support their mental health are unlikely to keep up with demand. Speaking to CBC News in Victoria, with a haze of wildfire smoke hanging in the backdrop, Hannah Fessler, 16, expressed worry about people her age left to deal with problems created by previous generations. Her own feelings about the wildfires in B.C., the Northwest Territories and around the world are a jumble. “I’m scared, obviously, but I’m also kind of relieved that I’m not a victim. But I’m kind of ashamed that I just focus on myself,” Fessler said.

Chaos Erupts When Republican Candidates Are Asked if They Believe in Climate Change

More from the New York Times: “It was an unusual litmus test for a Republican primary debate, one that quickly descended into personal attacks and obfuscation: The candidates were asked whether humans had contributed to climate change. There is no scientific dispute that the answer is yes, but hardly any of the Republican candidates gave a straight answer. Before they could raise their hands, Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida broke in. “Look, we’re not schoolchildren,” he said, rejecting the idea of a show-of-hands response. “Let’s have the debate.” The line of questioning from the moderators, Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, was about the devastating wildfires in Maui and a recent tropical storm that caused flooding in Southern California. They mentioned rising ocean temperatures and played a clip from a young conservative, who asked how the Republicans running for president could assuage young people’s concerns about climate change.


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