National Weather Forecast

On Saturday, heavy monsoonal showers and storms will continue across the Southwest, with some of that precipitation spreading into the Texas Panhandle later in the day. We are also tracking a stalled-out boundary with disturbances along it from the Southern Plains to the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, as well as a slow-moving area of low pressure in the upper Midwest with a frontal boundary extending south from it.

Heavy rain will spread from the Southwest to the Texas Panhandle through the weekend, with the potential of 3-5”+ in some locations. Heavier rain is also possible in the Southeast with some 3”+ tallies.


Iowa leads U.S. in wind generation added during second quarter

More from RadioIowa: “A new report shows Iowa led the nation in the amount of wind power that came online during April, May and June. Nearly 60% of the electricity being generated in Iowa comes from wind turbines and solar installations according to the Clean Grid Alliance. “The wind is at Iowans’ backs is the message,” said Jeff Danielson, a vice president for the Clean Grid Alliance. Iowa has a trifecta when it comes to so-called clean energy, according to Danielson. “The future is bright and our batteries are charged up and ready to go because both solar and investment and battery storage investment — Iowa is an attractive place for investment in those two as well,” he said.

Chevron Jumps Into Texas’ News Desert With Stories About Puppies, Football, and Oil

More from Gizmodo: “At first glance, the story looks like something your aunt might post on her Facebook from her local newspaper. “Midland County judge ‘pardons’ jaywalking puppy,” the headline reads, with a photo of a startled-looking Pomeranian behind a microphone, seemingly on a witness stand. The post details how a Texas judge found a dog underneath his truck in the parking lot of his courthouse and used social media to find the owner. But the piece isn’t a quirky feel-good story from a local paper. According to data hidden on the site but provided in the site’s social preview cards, the puppy article is written by Mike Aldax, a man who lives more than 1,000 miles away from Midland. The entire site is bankrolled by oil giant Chevron; since 2014, Aldax, who works at San Francisco-based public relations firm Singer Associates, has also written for a Chevron-funded newspaper in California called the Richmond Standard.

Bill Gates’ nuclear startup wins $750M, loses sole fuel source

More from Canary Media: “Nuclear fission startup TerraPower, founded and chaired by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, has raised $750 million to develop advanced nuclear reactors to serve as alternatives to the light-water reactors that make up the vast majority of the world’s civilian nuclear fleet. But cash alone won’t be enough to get the startup over the many hurdles that stand in its way. TerraPower’s Natrium fast reactor design is radically different from the design of traditional nuclear reactors. For starters, it’s smaller. A typical reactor in the U.S. produces 1,000 megawatts of power. TerraPower’s first demonstration reactor, now being planned for a site in Wyoming, will have a capacity of 345 megawatts. The smaller size could enable the reactor to be built cheaply in a factory and not expensively on-site.


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