National Weather Forecast

Snow and mixed precipitation will impact northern areas of the nation on Friday due to a few different systems in the region. A few showers will also be possible in Texas and the Pacific Northwest.

Heavy snow is expected to fall across the northern Rockies over the next few days, with some areas receiving at least a foot. Some snow will sneak out into the Upper Midwest as well, with the potential of 6” around the Sioux City area.


NASA System Predicts Small Asteroid to Pass Close by Earth This Week

More from NASA: “On Thursday, Jan. 26, a small near-Earth asteroid will have a very close encounter with our planet. Designated 2023 BU, the asteroid will zoom over the southern tip of South America at about 4:27 p.m. PST (7:27 p.m. EST) only 2,200 miles (3,600 kilometers) above the planet’s surface and well within the orbit of geosynchronous satellites. There is no risk of the asteroid impacting Earth. But even if it did, this small asteroid – estimated to be 11.5 to 28 feet (3.5 to 8.5 meters) across – would turn into a fireball and largely disintegrate harmlessly in the atmosphere, with some of the bigger debris potentially falling as small meteorites.

North Dakota officials threaten to sue Minnesota if it passes 2040 clean energy plan

More from Minnesota Reformer: “North Dakota’s governor and other top elected officials on Tuesday threatened a lawsuit in a letter to Gov. Tim Walz and other state officials over Minnesota’s potential move away from fossil fuels. Gov. Doug Burgum urged Walz, Attorney General Keith Ellison, Agriculture Commissioner Thom Petersen and legislative leaders to amend the bills currently being considered that would mandate 100% carbon-free energy by 2040, or else face the “certainty of a lawsuit.” The Minnesota House is debating a bill Thursday requiring Minnesota utilities to use only carbon-free energy sources for electricity generation by 2040. This would also ban the state from importing energy originating from carbon sources. The House passed a similar clean energy bill in 2021, but it died in the Senate. A new DFL-majority in the Legislature has given the bill new life, and Walz has said he’ll sign it. Minnesota’s neighbor, however, would be displeased.

A giant solar microgrid is coming to New York City’s JFK airport

More from Canary Media: “A sprawling new terminal at one of New York City’s top airports will be able to keep operating during grid outages thanks to a solar-powered microgrid that’s scheduled to come online starting in 2026, the project’s developer announced on Thursday. The 11.34-megawatt microgrid at John F. Kennedy International Airport is set to feature the largest rooftop solar array on any U.S. airport or in New York City. Some 13,000 solar panels will cover the $9.5 billion New Terminal One now under construction in southeast Queens, according to AlphaStruxure, a joint venture between Schneider Electric and Carlyle Group.


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