National Weather Forecast

As we head through Saturday, a system in the western United States will produce showers, thunderstorms, and heavy higher elevation snow. Several different systems in the central/eastern United States will produce showers and storms from the Ohio Valley to the Deep South, and rain/snow chances in the Great Lakes region.

The heaviest rain and snow through the weekend will be out in the western United States, where feet of snow could accumulate (especially in the Sierra) and at least 3-5” of rain will be possible.


NASA’S ICON Space Weather Satellite Has Suddenly Gone Silent

More from Gizmodo: “A three-year-old NASA satellite lost touch with ground controllers two weeks ago and is now wandering through low Earth orbit without supervision. Sadly, the space agency fears the worst. NASA’s Ionospheric Connection Explorer (ICON) mission has not communicated with ground stations since November 25 due to some sort of glitch the space agency is yet to identify, NASA wrote in a blog post on Wednesday. The spacecraft is equipped with an onboard command loss timer that’s designed to reset ICON in the event that contact is lost for eight days, but the reset seemingly did not work as the team was still unable to communicate with the spacecraft on December 5 after the power cycle was complete.

Twin Cities electric vehicle car-share program finds success after false start

More from Energy News Network: “A pioneering electric-vehicle car-sharing service in the Twin Cities saw steady growth during the first half of 2022, exceeding the expectations of backers during the program’s first six months following a relaunch. Evie Community Carshare claimed to be the nation’s first all-electric, renewably powered car-share service when it launched last year. It now has over 100 vehicles serving a 35-square-mile area of Minneapolis and St. Paul chosen for its high concentrations of poverty and pollution. “It’s been a hit,” said James Vierling, head of growth, marketing and communications for HourCar, which operates Evie. “We’ve been growing a lot faster than we thought we would.” The service logged nearly 25,000 trips totaling almost a quarter million miles between February and July, reducing an estimated 741 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. It also helped members save an estimated $2.6 million on transportation, including about $850,000 for very low-income households.

Despite a Changing Climate, Americans Are ‘Flocking to Fire’

More from Inside Climate News: “Despite an increase in wildfire risk spurred by climate change, Americans are moving to wildfire-prone areas and prioritizing lower housing costs and amenities such as temperate weather and recreational opportunities over risk of natural disasters. An analysis of U.S. migration data from the past decade published today, “Flocking to fire: How climate and natural hazards shape human migration across the United States,” shows that Americans have been moving into certain “migration hot spots” in the West, Pacific Northwest and South that have high risk of wildfires, as well as to metro areas with high summer temperatures. The authors write that this “dangerous public health trend” is “increasing the number of people in harm’s way,” especially as both fires and heat waves increase in frequency due to climate change. Experts concerned about public safety in these high-risk population centers urge Americans to understand their environmental risks before moving.


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