National Weather Forecast

On Monday, a frontal boundary from the Southern U.S. stretching to the Northeast will bring the potential of rain with some snow across portions of New England. Some light snow will also be possible in the Upper Midwest. A few storms are possible across southern Florida. Otherwise, quiet weather is expected across the western United States.

Heavy rain will continue to fall along the frontal boundary in the southern United States, with areas from Texas to Ohio Valley receiving another 2-4” of rain through Tuesday.

While the snow in the Rockies will have fallen through Sunday, we are watching for some snow Monday and Tuesday across the northern tier of states. Areas downwind of Lake Superior in the U.P. of Michigan could see up to a foot.


How Hurricane Otis stunned forecasters with its leap to a Category 5

More from the Washington Post: “When residents of Acapulco, Mexico, went to bed on Monday, Wednesday’s forecast called for gusty winds and some downpours. Otis, a run-of-the-mill tropical storm, was expected to only “gradually strengthen” en route to the coast. Instead, Otis intensified faster than any other eastern Pacific storm on record Tuesday and became the strongest hurricane to ever strike Mexico slamming Acapulco as a “potentially catastrophic Category 5.” As winds catapulted to Category 5 strength Tuesday evening, shocked forecasters at the National Hurricane Center described the storm’s extreme intensification as a “nightmare scenario” and “extremely dangerous situation.” Nobody saw it coming — but with human-caused climate change warming the planet’s oceans, this situation could become more frequent.

How Florida farmworkers are protecting themselves from extreme heat

More from Grist: “On any given summer day, most of the nation’s farmworkers, paid according to their productivity, grind through searing heat to harvest as much as possible before day’s end. Taking a break to cool down, or even a moment to chug water, isn’t an option. The law doesn’t require it, so few farms offer it. The problem is most acute in the Deep South, where the weather and politics can be equally brutal toward the men and women who pick this country’s food. Yet things are improving as organizers like Leonel Perez take to the fields to tell farmworkers, and those who employ them, about the risks of heat exposure and the need to take breaks, drink water, and recognize the signs of heat exhaustion.

Wang Develops New Battery Technology That Could Lead to Safer, High-Energy Electric Vehicles

More from the University of Maryland: “University of Maryland researchers studying how lithium batteries fail have developed a new technology that could enable next-generation electric vehicles (EVs) and other devices that are less prone to battery fires while increasing energy storage. The innovative method, presented in a paper published Wednesday in the journal Nature, suppresses the growth of lithium dendrites—damaging branch-like structures that develop inside so-called all-solid-state lithium batteries, preventing firms from broadly commercializing the promising technology. But this new design for a battery “interlayer,” led by Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Professor Chunsheng Wang, stops dendrite formation, and could open the door for production of viable all-solid-state batteries for EVs.


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