National Weather Forecast

A lot of the nation will be quiet for Easter Monday. Showers and mountain snow are expected with a system in the Pacific Northwest. With a frontal boundary nearby, showers and storms will fall across Florida. Scattered storms will also be possible across the Plains with a trough of low pressure. Some record highs will be possible in the western United States – particularly in the Southwest near the Mexican border.

The most impactful weather the next couple days will be in the Pacific Northwest. Coastal areas could see 3” of rain and the Cascades will see multiple feet of snow.


The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2024 is 1 year away! Where is the best place to see it?

More from “Mark Monday, April 8, 2024, on your calendar as “Solar Eclipse Day,” for if the weather is fair, you should have no difficulty observing a partial eclipse of the sun from much of North America. This event is associated with a total eclipse, in which the moon completely blocks out the disk of the sun. During a total eclipse, we are treated to a rare view of the sun’s pearly corona; a “bucket-list event.” At the same time, darkness settles over the landscape allowing for some of the brighter stars and planets to be seen. Meanwhile, an eerie saffron glow skims the horizon. In the United States, the path of totality, averaging 123 miles (198 km), runs from southwest Texas to northern New England. Cities within the totality zone include San Antonio, Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Little Rock, Cape Girardeau, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Erie, Buffalo, Syracuse, Burlington and Presque Isle. The duration of totality will vary from nearly four and a half minutes in Texas to over three minutes in Maine. An estimated 32 million people live inside the totality path and millions more are anticipated to travel into the path in the days leading up to “E-Day.”

Why MLB players could be hitting hundreds of more home runs each season by the end of the century

More from CNN: “Whether it’s a change in the baseballs themselves, better analytics or more robust player training, many have speculated about what could be behind the upward trend in Major League Baseball home runs in recent years. But new research released Friday raised another potential factor: climate change. The study, published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, found that more than 500 home runs since 2010 can be linked to unusually warm temperatures. If temperatures continue to warm rapidly because of planet-cooking pollution, climate change could end up accounting for 10% of all home runs by the end of the century.

A dramatic new EPA rule will force up to 60% of new US car sales to be EVs in just 7 years

More from Electrek: “The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to make a groundbreaking announcement this week that will make the majority of new US car sales EVs by 2032, according to a breaking New York Times scoop. The EPA’s administrator, Michael S. Regan, is expected to announce proposed limits on tailpipe emissions on Wednesday in Detroit. The Times noted that its sources “spoke on condition of anonymity because the information had not been made public.” It will be the federal government’s most aggressive climate legislation yet, and will make the US a world leader in the efforts to cut transportation emissions.


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