National Weather Forecast

The big story on Friday will be the continued lake effect snow around the Great Lakes. Otherwise, an area of low pressure in the southern United States will bring some rain chances to the region.

Literal feet of snow are expected to accumulate through the weekend downwind of Lakes Erie and Ontario, including in and around the Buffalo metro. Probably a good idea for the NFL to move the Sunday Bills game out of Buffalo, even if it would have been fun to see all that snow!


Climate Change Contributed to Deadly West African Floods, Scientists Find

More from the New York Times: “Heavy rains that led to recent deadly floods in Nigeria and neighboring countries were made about 80 times more likely by human caused climate change, scientists said Wednesday. The floods, which killed more than 600 people in Nigeria and more than 200 in Niger and Chad, were the consequence of an extremely wet rainy season. The scientists, from a loose-knit coalition called World Weather Attribution, also said climate change had made the season, which runs from April to October, 20 percent wetter overall than it would have been in a world without warming. The findings come as negotiators are meeting in Egypt at the U.N. climate summit, with the issue of “loss and damage” — whether industrialized countries should pay less-developed nations for the effects of climate change — high on the agenda. Nigeria and many other African countries produce relatively little carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to warming yet increasingly suffer from climate-related disasters like floods and heat waves.

Clean energy and climate are poised to take priority in new DFL-controlled Minnesota Legislature

More from the Sahan Journal: “Legislators and clean-energy advocates are planning to pass an ambitious climate agenda now that Democrats won control of the Minnesota Legislature and the governor’s office in last week’s election. The Democratic caucus in the House has several climate initiatives it hopes to update, pass in the Senate, and send to Governor Tim Walz next year. Some are geared at helping low-income neighborhoods of color that experience higher pollution levels transition to clean energy. Others will seek to update standards for the first time since 2007. “The top priority will be the 100 percent clean energy bill,” Representative Jamie Long, DFL-Minneapolis, told Sahan Journal.

Heat pumps come to the rescue in Europe’s energy crisis

More from Semafor: “Faced with the worst energy crisis in recent history, the United Kingdom and Europeans are turning in droves to a technology that has been around for decades: the humble heat pump. But even as sales have surged, they are running into a basic problem: not enough people know how to install them. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the resulting skyrocketing costs in energy, and an avalanche of subsidies, have spurred homeowners across Europe to buy heat pumps for their energy needs as a lower-cost alternative to natural gas boilers to heat their water and home Europe is expected to reach a total of 45 million residential heat pump installations by 2030, according to energy consultancy Wood Mackenzie. The device will play a key role in the European Commission’s approximately $550 billion plan to overhaul its electricity grid. Meanwhile, the U.K. is set to ban gas boilers in newly built homes from 2025.


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