National Weather Forecast

We will be watching two systems on Saturday. An area of low pressure in Canada will continue to bring snow chances across the Great Lakes, with heavy lake-effect snow continuing downwind of the Great Lakes. Meanwhile, an area of low pressure in the Gulf combined with a frontal boundary will lead to rain (heavy in spots) along the Gulf Coast.

Snow will continue to be measured in multiple feet through the weekend downwind of Lakes Erie and Ontario, including near Buffalo and in the Watertown areas of New York state. Over half a foot of snow could fall downwind of the other Great Lakes as well. Meanwhile, between a half inch and 2” of rain could fall along the Gulf Coast through the weekend, especially in the Houston area.


Qatar claims the 2022 FIFA World Cup is carbon neutral. It’s not.

More from Grist: “The opening game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup is just days away, and all eyes are on host country Qatar, which has been getting ready to host the international soccer tournament since 2010. The preparations for the event, which organizers pledged would be “carbon-neutral,” have stirred up a significant amount of criticism related to worker exploitation and alleged human rights violations. Now, a climate watchdog group says the tournament’s organizers, which include representatives from FIFA and the Qatar government, misled the public by undercounting carbon emissions in one key area: stadiums.

Xcel Energy is recruiting Minnesota cities to thwart governor’s clean energy agenda

More from Energy and Policy Institute: “Xcel Energy is recruiting Minnesota cities to lobby against emissions reduction goals included in Governor Tim Walz’s climate agenda, but its campaign is off to a sputtering start after staff in several municipalities questioned the legitimacy of the effort and wondered whether it would undercut their own climate goals. Xcel began approaching cities to join its Carbon-Free Future MN Coalition and lobby state officials earlier this year. At the same time, Chris Clark, president of Xcel’s Minnesota operations, participated in a stakeholder process to help shape Walz’s climate objectives. Clark was involved in discussions on the Climate Action Framework, which set a goal of 100% carbon-free electricity by 2040 – a decade ahead of Xcel’s corporate goal and in closer alignment with the swift action scientists say is needed to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate change.

This startup is adding a battery to induction stoves

More from Canary Media: “Electrifying homes is an essential strategy for reducing the carbon emissions that cause climate change. That means replacing gas boilers and furnaces for water and space heating with heat pumps, swapping out cars with internal combustion engines for electric vehicles and — perhaps most contentiously — getting rid of gas ranges in favor of induction stoves. But the electrical systems in many residences can’t support the increased electric load of running all these appliances, and installing them can require costly and complicated panel and wiring upgrades. Impulse, a San Francisco–based company that launched this week, aims to tackle this issue by bringing to market a newly designed induction stove. The startup joins a growing number of companies entering the home-electrification space.


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