National Weather Forecast

For Thanksgiving Thursday, we’ll be tracking two areas of precipitation across the nation. The concerning one will be in the Rockies, where we could see heavy snowfall. Some mixed precipitation will also be possible in the eastern Great Lakes and New England.

The only concern for the Thanksgiving Parade in New York City will be the winds – out of the northwest at 10-15 mph in the morning hours. Otherwise, mainly sunny skies and temperatures in the 40s are expected!

Most of the rain across the eastern United States through the end of the week will have fallen pre-holiday, though some rain will be possible in Florida and along the Mid-Atlantic/Southeastern seaboard on Friday.

Snowfall will top a foot at some of the highest elevations in the Rockies through the end of the week – particularly in southern Montana, Wyoming, and parts of Idaho.


Oil Spill Off Louisiana Coast Shuts Output From 7 Drillers

More from Bloomberg: “A pipeline leak off the coast of Louisiana that dumped the equivalent of two Olympic-size swimming pools of crude to the Gulf of Mexico has forced seven drillers to shut in production, according to the US Coast Guard. There is no timeline for restarting output as the Coast Guard continues to search for the source of the release, Captain Kelly Denning said at a press briefing Tuesday. Rough seas and strong winds that slowed work in the first few days have subsided, allowing for cleanup and work to locate the source to advance.

A blueprint for climate-friendly holiday cooking

More from Grist: “Cooking a feast, whether it’s for two people or 20, can come with some stressful considerations. What to make? How much to make? How to budget time and money? And, since you’re here reading this newsletter, you may also be thinking about how to prepare delicious, celebratory meals that uphold your dedication to a clean, green, just world. Food writer and recipe tester Caroline Saunders has given this some thought. Saunders worked at Grist for a number of years before heading to pastry school at Le Cordon Bleu Paris to pursue her passion for climate-friendly desserts. She started a podcast and a newsletter on the topic, and this week, we asked her to share some of her favorite tips and recipes for building climate awareness into holiday cooking.

Climate change: Rise in Google searches around ‘anxiety’

More from the BBC: “Online search queries related to “climate anxiety” have risen, according to data gathered by Google and shared exclusively with BBC 100 Women. Studies also suggests that women are more affected by climate anxiety than men. The rise of wildfires, floods and droughts around the world are just some of the highly visible signs of climate change. What is reported less is the impact of climate change on human minds. Climate anxiety – defined as feelings of distress about the impacts of climate change – has been reported globally, particularly among children and young people. Data from Google Trends shows that search queries related to “climate anxiety” have increased dramatically. Search queries in English around “climate anxiety” in the first 10 months of 2023 are 27 times higher than the same period in 2017.


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