National Weather Forecast

A frontal boundary Friday morning from the Great Lakes to the Southern Plains will cause shower and storm activity ahead of it as it moves south and east to end the week. An area of low pressure off the Southeast Atlantic coast with an associated cold front will also produce storm chances in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Record highs will be possible in the Northwest, including Spokane (WA) and Pendleton (OR).

The heaviest rain through the end of the week and the first half of the weekend will be along the Mid-Atlantic coast, where at least 3” of rain will be possible.

Frosty conditions caused a delay in the start of the PGA Championship on Thursday in Pittsford, NY, but that shouldn’t be an issue for the rest of the tournament. Friday will be the warmest of the four days with highs nearing 80F. We will watch shower and thunderstorm chances late Friday through Saturday Night, with the best chances of rain Friday Night and Saturday morning.


Western states and feds are closing in on a landmark deal to prevent Lake Mead from plummeting further

More from CNN: “Three Western states and the federal government are nearing a deal to leave millions of gallons of water in the Colorado River’s Lake Mead – water that would have otherwise been used to irrigate fields or generate hydropower – in exchange for at least $1 billion in federal funding for voluntary water cuts, according to two sources familiar with the plan. The Colorado River system provides water and electricity to more than 40 million people in seven states, as well as irrigation for Western farmers. But that system has shown alarming water loss after a multi-year, climate change-fueled drought collided with decades of overuse. Western states and the federal government have been in tense discussions for months to come up with a plan to prevent the Colorado River and the nation’s largest reservoirs, Lakes Mead and Powell, from teetering into disaster.

Most of US faces elevated risk of blackouts in extreme heat this summer, NERC warns

More from Utility Drive: “Most of the United States will face an elevated risk of blackouts should summer weather turn extreme, the North American Electric Reliability Corp. said Wednesday in its 2023 Summer Reliability Assessment. Resources should be adequate to meet normal summer peak demand, but “if summer temperatures spike and become more widespread, the U.S. West, Midwest, Texas and Southeast United States, New England and Ontario may experience resource shortfalls,” NERC concluded. Recovery times following hurricanes or severe storms could be slowed by low inventories of replacement distribution transformers, NERC warned. Supply chain constraints may also lead to maintenance issues this summer with delays for some new resource additions, NERC added.

Electric car battery swapping gets a reboot

More from Axios: “Charging an electric vehicle (EV) is a time-consuming burden — which is why the notion of battery swapping, dismissed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and many others as unworkable, is still percolating. Why it matters: Many drivers won’t embrace EVs unless the refueling experience is as seamless as filling up a gas tank. Driving the news: Ample, a California startup dedicated to battery swapping, is introducing a new streamlined station that cuts the process in half, to about five minutes. That’s about the time it takes to fill up a gas tank — and far less than the 30 minutes or more it takes to recharge most EVs at public fast-chargers. Details: Ample’s pre-fab stations can be deployed across a city in a matter of days. By installing multiple bays at a location, it can accommodate several cars at once. Ample has been experimenting with battery swaps for Uber drivers in San Francisco, and recently expanded to Spain and Japan.


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