National Weather Forecast

A system in the eastern Gulf over toward the Bahamas on Thursday will continue to bring showers and storms to the Southeastern United States – though probably not at as heavy levels as was observed on Wednesday. Elsewhere, a system out west brings rain and snow chances, with rain in the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. Mixed precipitation may occur across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Most of the heaviest rain in the Southeast will have fallen on Wednesday, but Wednesday-Friday totals could top 6” across portions of eastern and southern Florida.

The heaviest snow through the end of the week will be in the Northern Rockies, where a foot or more could fall at the highest elevations and the passes.


Ross Brawn drops Las Vegas Grand Prix bombshell with staggering oversight revealed

More from Planet F1: “Ross Brawn admitted that the temperature was not something F1 originally considered when they were planning the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix. Up until 2022 the legendary motorsport figure was a part of Formula One Management in his role as motorsport managing director, meaning he would have been involved in the planning of a potential Las Vegas Grand Prix. But having left the company and now with the race just over a week away, Brawn admitted that cold temperatures were not something they originally planned for.

Global heat deaths could quadruple if action is not taken on climate change, study finds

More from NBC News: “Global heat deaths are projected to increase by 370% if action is not taken to limit the effects of global warming, according to a study published Tuesday in The Lancet, a medical journal. If average global temperatures reach 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels — as is expected without drastic action — an additional 524.9 million people are also expected to experience food insecurity, aggravating the global risk of malnutrition. The study, The Lancet Countdown, is in its eighth iteration and draws on the expertise of 114 scientists and health practitioners from 52 research institutions and U.N. agencies worldwide. It found that human-caused climate change is making health-threatening temperatures more frequent, especially in the U.S.

Wildfire, drought cause $11.2 billion in damage to private timberland in three Pacific states, study finds

More from Oregon State University: “Wildfires and drought have led to $11.2 billion in damages to privately held timberland in California, Oregon and Washington over the past two decades, a new Oregon State University study found. That represents about a 10% reduction in the value of private timberland in the three states. Based on recent climate change attribution studies by other scientists, the authors of the study attribute about half of the economic damages to climate change. While past research has estimated impacts of climate change on the value of forests in the future, researchers were interested in how climate change has already affected the value of forests in the new study.


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