National Weather Forecast

The main story on Friday will be continued rain and snow showers in the Northwestern United States. Some scattered rain will also be possible in the Northern/Central Plains, portions of Florida, and parts of the Great Lakes. Some snow could mix in across far northern New England.

The heaviest rain through the first half of the weekend will fall in the Northwest, where rainfall amounts of over 3” will be possible. The highest amounts will be along the coast and at higher elevations as temperatures remain mostly warm enough for liquid precipitation.

With that system moving into the Northwest, we will watch the chance for several inches of snow from the Cascades to the Northern Rockies. Again, though, a good chunk of the precipitation in the Cascades will likely fall as rain.


New study warns climate is warming even faster than some think

More from Axios: “A new study warns the Earth’s climate is on track to warm significantly more than shown by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) projections. Driving the news: The paper, published Thursday in the peer-reviewed journal Oxford Open Climate Change, is a synthesis of new and previous discoveries across multiple fields. It is peppered with policy prescriptions, unusual for a scientific paper. The stark warning comes from ex-NASA scientist James Hansen, who is the lead author of the report. In 1988, he famously and accurately warned that human-caused warming would soon emerge from the background noise of natural variability.

Labor scores EV wins in automaker battle

More from E&E News: “The United Auto Workers has notched a lot of wins in the last few days in standoffs with the Detroit automakers over electric vehicles and their batteries — but with an asterisk. New tentative agreements — on Wednesday with Ford; on Saturday with Stellantis, maker of brands like Dodge, Ram and Jeep; and on Monday with General Motors — help assure that workers will play a large role in making EVs and at higher wages than they might have expected. But the deals come as many auto buyers are balking at EVs’ high sticker prices. Automakers in turn are slowing their EV investments, which raises questions about what workers will ultimately win, and whether traditional automakers will continue to prosper as they compete with a dominant Tesla.

How to sell solar in coal country

More from Grist: “When Matt McFadden came of age in southwestern Virginia in the early 2000s, he wasn’t planning on working for a clean energy outfit. He grew up playing in a high school garage band, part of his increasingly Republican county’s small punk scene. But staring out at the photovoltaic panels gleaming atop his daughter’s elementary school in July — an array his company, Secure Solar Futures, installed — he was beaming with pride. In the midst of the Inflation Reduction Act’s rollout, McFadden and coal-rich Wise County have something many politically conservative areas from Texas to Ohio are struggling to create: real, and growing, support for solar. McFadden and his firm have not accomplished this alone. In 2016, a coalition of businesses, nonprofits, colleges, local governments, and citizens launched the Solar Workgroup of Southwest Virginia, which collaborates with Secure Solar Futures. It includes experts in every aspect of the green transition, from community organizers who tell neighbors about the benefits of solar to legal experts who propose legislation.


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