National Weather Forecast

The sweltering heat continues across the Southwest and Southern United States on Monday, with numerous records expected from Phoenix to Austin. Some storms will be possible across the eastern and central United States, though more scattered than previous days and focused near systems/frontal boundaries. Some showers will also be possible in the Pacific Northwest.

Here’s a closer look at the Southwest heat on Monday. Phoenix will tie its longest stretch of highs at/above 110F on Monday and then is expected to break it Tuesday.

The heaviest rain across the lower 48 from Sunday through Tuesday will be in the Northeast, where 3-5” of rain could fall (this mostly will have occurred on Sunday). Pockets of heavy rain near the Gulf Coast will also be possible.


China should be pressured on climate issues, Jake Sullivan says

More from Politico: “National security adviser Jake Sullivan said Sunday that China should be pressured to “take significant, substantial action“ in reducing emissions and fight climate change. Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,“ Sullivan said of China: “They should not able to hide behind any kind of claim that they’re a developing nation, to step up to their responsibility. And their responsibility under the Paris climate accord is to take significant, substantial action to reduce emissions on a defined time frame in the near-term.” John Kerry, the former secretary of State who is President Joe Biden’s climate envoy, is due in Beijing to attempt to revive U.S.-China climate negotiations.

Your next barbecue could feature an electric grill

More from Canary Media: “Mark Begansky loves his electric grill. This isn’t your indoor, panini-press-style electric grill; this is an outdoor grill fit for sumptuous summer cookouts on the Fourth of July. Begansky loves to cook mouthwatering kebabs and barbecue chicken, corn and asparagus, getting the edges crisp and making those characteristic sear marks where the food’s caramelized. The look, and, more importantly, the taste are ​“the same as what you’d get from a gas grill,” said Begansky, who works in the healthcare industry and lives in New Jersey. Switching to an electric grill is a way to jettison yet one more foothold of the fossil fuel industry out of people’s homes and lives. Yet despite their climate advantages and on-par performance, electric grills haven’t yet broken into the public imagination in the U.S. Of grillers surveyed every two years from 2015 to 2021 by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, only 3 to 4 percent owned an electric grill.

Small-winged and lighter coloured butterflies likely to be at greatest threat from climate change

More from the University of Cambridge: “The family, wing length and wing colour of tropical butterflies all influence their ability to withstand rising temperatures, say a team led by ecologists at the University of Cambridge. The researchers believe this could help identify species whose survival is under threat from climate change. Butterflies with smaller or lighter coloured wings are likely to be ‘losers’ when it comes to climate change, with the Lycaenidae family, which contains over 6,000 species of butterflies, the majority of which live in the tropics, found to be particularly vulnerable.


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