National Weather Forecast

A system in the central United States will bring the threat of showers and storms from the Great Lakes to the Lower Mississippi Valley, as well as some icing and heavy snow on the cold side back into the Upper Midwest/Northern Plains. A few storms will be possible along the Pacific Northwest coast as well as in southern Florida.

Heavy rain of 1-4” will be possible across the Mississippi Valley through the end of the week. Meanwhile, some areas of the Northern Rockies could see over a foot of snow.


In South Sudan, a new front line of climate change after historic flooding

More from ABC News: “The water came in the night, rushing into her home. And as it covered everything she owned in her hometown of Niahldiu, Nyathak took her children through the waters to the shore, waiting to be rescued. Flooding during the rainy season is not uncommon here in South Sudan, but as the weeks and months passed without the waters receding, Nyathak — like so many here — made the decision to leave Niahldiu with her family in search of dry land. She said it took her six days to reach dry land — almost 30 miles away in Bentiu, the seat of Unity State, where, for two years now, tens of thousands of people have come seeking dry shelter, medicine and food, as the flood water claims more and more communities and cuts off many others from supplies.

The $25,000 electric vehicle is coming, with big implications for the auto market and car buyers

More from CNBC: “From the headlines, car buyers might think the most important force driving down the cost of electric vehicles is the $7,500 tax credit that was expanded last summer, followed by Tesla’s recent aggressive cost-cutting to gain more market share. Look closer, and the work auto companies are doing themselves to refine EV technology — and, crucially, new manufacturing processes — loom as an even bigger deal. And that’s resulting in a series of newly-announced and coming-soon models that will make EVs much cheaper, and more mainstream, highlighted by Tesla’s first detailed public explanation of how its next-generation car due next year will come at a lower price tag, expected to start between $25,000 and $30,000. The rise of the mass-market EV will be a milestone — environmentally, economically, financially and even politically. And as the Biden administration pushes changes that seek to aggressively remake the car market in favor of EVs more quickly than previously anticipated.

Berkeley’s landmark gas ban overturned, ripple effects may be limited

More from Canary Media: “A federal appeals court has tossed out Berkeley, California’s pioneering legislation to ban fossil gas hookups in new buildings. But the ruling, which came Monday, isn’t expected to affect most other policies adopted by U.S. cities and states to limit gas consumption in new homes, offices and commercial buildings, experts say. That’s mainly because the ruling applies to the specific way Berkeley structured its gas-hookup ban — by using its authority to regulate residents’ health and safety. More than 100 municipalities across the country have passed policies to curb planet-warming emissions from buildings, though only about 25 cities in California have followed Berkeley’s approach, according to the Building Decarbonization Coalition.


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