National Weather Forecast

The main story on Thursday will be in the Northwestern United States, where a system moving in will bring rain and snow chances to the region. Elsewhere, some showers are possible in eastern and southern Florida, and a few snow showers are still possible in the Great Lakes (though those will taper off throughout the day).

The heaviest rain through the end of the week will fall in the Northwest, where rainfall amounts of over 3” will be possible along the coast and at higher elevations.

Most of the lake effect snow in the Great Lakes will have occurred on Wednesday. However, with that system moving into the Northwest, we will watch the chance for several inches of snow from the Cascades to the Northern Rockies.


Environmental disasters and ‘dark’ tourism: The modern-day ghost towns created by the climate crisis

More from CNN: “Think of “ghost towns” and images of dusty, lost-to-time towns, like those in America’s Wild West, may come to mind. Indeed, in the second half of the 19th century, a slew of boomtown-gone-bust mining towns were deserted by residents as natural resources and economic viability dried up. Over time, some of these relics have found new life as fun and kitschy tourist attractions. And while iterations of such abandoned settlements are found on every continent, with varying manmade and natural causes to blame, a new era of ghost towns is now emerging that, while eerie, feels far off from good touristic fun. Climate change and ensuing environmental disasters – marked by an increasing frequency and intensity of destructive floods, droughts, storms, wildfires and extreme temperatures – are now fueling what experts say are just the first waves of places abandoned due to climate displacement.

Ravaged Florida Town Becomes a Magnet for Risk-Taking Homebuyers

More from Bloomberg: “A year after Hurricane Ian ripped through southwest Florida, wealthy risk-takers are transforming one beach town. In Fort Myers Beach, many of the middle-class cottages that once dotted the Estero Island town were wiped off the map. Ian killed 21 people and swept away a third of the homes and businesses on the narrow, 6.5-mile-long strip of sand, leaving a blank canvas for affluent newcomers — and a preview of what could take hold in other coastal communities as climate change spawns more intense storms.

Google Bard asked Bill Nye how AI can help avoid the end of the world. Here’s what ‘The Science Guy’ said

More from CNBC: “You may not know this, but Bill Nye, “The Science Guy,” has professional experience overseeing new and potentially dangerous innovations. Before he became a celebrity science educator, Nye worked as an engineer at Boeing during a period of rapid changes in aviation control systems and the need to make sure that the outputs from new systems were understood. And going all the way back to the days of the steamship engine innovation, Nye says that “control theory” has always been a key to the introduction of new technology. It will be no different with artificial intelligence. While not an AI expert, Nye said the basic problem everyone should be concerned about with AI design is that we can understand what’s going into the computer systems, but we can’t be sure what is going to come out. Social media was an example of how this problem already has played out in the technology sector.


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