Even though winter still has its grip on parts of the country, March 1st marked the beginning of meteorological spring. Let’s take a look at the conditions this past winter across the eastern part of the country. 

The main stories across the eastern U.S. this winter have been the snow drought in New England and several rounds of record warmth. Almost all of the northeast ended the winter with below average snowfall. Boston, Rochester, New York City, Philadelphia, and Charleston, WV are just a few of the cities that saw one of the top 10 least snowy winters on record. Several of these cities also experienced one of their warmest winters on record. One of the only major cities that saw above average snowfall in the region was Buffalo, which received a whopping 51.9” from December 23-27. 

Following a near-average December for much of the region, January and February were quite warm. Atlanta recorded its highest ever February temperature and also had its 4th warmest winter on record. Akron, Charleston (SC), Savannah, Wilmington (NC) and Dayton all set at least 5 daily record high temperatures this winter. Lansing, Concord, Baltimore, and Miami all had one of the top 5 warmest winters ever recorded. A blast of cold hit the northeast and resulted in the coldest wind chill ever recorded atop Mount Washington in early February, but it was short lived. The maps below help give a better sense of what the winter has been like.


Florida has been much drier than normal this winter, along with coastal portions of the Carolinas and the Gulf Coast

All of the southeast has seen a warmer than normal winter


The maps above show snow depth at the end of December, January, and February. Note the lack of snow cover across the mid-Atlantic, Ohio Valley, and New England, particularly at the end of December.


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