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In today’s mobile device focused world, we are all hyper-connected to anything and everything that we want all day. This includes weather apps. We think that these apps will tell us when and where there is danger, and they sometimes do. Do they always? That’s a great question. Weather apps, depending on the app, will often tell you if there is a warning, assuming you have good signal at the time, and no wi-fi issues etc. But- the big factor here is, do you have your phone on silent mode? Is your ringer off when you go to sleep? Many of these warnings will show up as a push notification, just like a social media alert. When you are in a deep sleep at 3am, will this help you? Absolutely not. On rare occasions- like significant emergency alerts, the phone will make a loud sound, just as if there is an Amber Alert happening. I can tell you from personal experience, the amount of tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm warnings I have been in, this feature has almost never gone off for one of these warnings, to override the silent settings on the phone. In some cases, if you are able to override the audible aspects of the alert, the phone will just keep vibrating, which may or may not wake you up.

What is the solution? A Weather Radio- there are many different types to choose from. They range from about $20 to $50, and of course there are more premium versions available. They are easily programmed to be able to pick up weather conditions for your county, and it is impossible to sleep through the alarm. They are very loud! In areas that are prone to overnight severe weather, a simple investment of this small amount can save your life. They can also run on battery, if the power goes out. Some of them are very small and even handheld, so you do not need a lot of space to have one of these.

Midland Weather Radio

You can purchase these at various online retailers, or even in stores such as Walmart, and sometimes Target and Best Buy- and of course, Amazon. If you simply Google ‘Weather Radios”- you will see an abundance of options. Some of the best brands and most popular brands are Midland, Acurite and Uniden. Midland is probably one of the most popular consumer versions, and they range from about $30-$50 for some of the popular models. If you live in Tornado Alley or even if you don’t, it should be considered essential to have one of these. They will go off for most warnings, such as Blizzard Warnings, Severe Thunderstorm Warnings and Tornado Warnings. Also, Hurricane Warnings, Flood Warnings, Flash Flood Warnings and other types of warnings. Once you silence the alarm, the radio will start verbally reading the warning and the nature of the alert to you, and it will explain preparations and steps you should take to be safe. **We are not affiliated with any brands of weather radios and don’t endorse any over another, but there are many good options to choose from.** Also- weather radios and the companies that offer them do not provide any sort of actual financial compensation to you as life insurance, but the aspect of life insurance here is referring to the radio investment itself being an invaluable tool to wake you up and save your life during severe weather.

In a time when we are all desensitized by our phones, its essential to have one of these to make sure you are alerted or woken up in an emergency. This is the most inexpensive form of life insurance you can buy, to be sure that you are woken up during inclement weather, with time to prepare. Lead time from warning to potential impacts have increased over the years, and a weather radio waking you up can truly help you take life saving measures.

The bottom line here- a weather radio will wake even the deepest sleeper up. They are so loud, I often keep mine just outside of the bedroom door, because they can be very alarming when they wake you up. If the logistics of your home don’t support that, we recommend putting it in your bedroom, but perhaps on the other end of the room so that you have to get out of bed to listen to the alert without silencing it and going back to sleep.

Severe Weather as a whole is very impactful. Weather radios are just one small part of the equation to take precautions for impacts to you, your loved ones, your home and your property. If your business depends on planning around the weather, and potential impacts from volatile weather, Praedictix offers Consulting Services, and also Forensic Weather Services for storms after they have moved through.

Who is Praedictix? We are a weather company that focuses on delivering credible weather forecasts to our clients. We have three main offerings: media, weather graphics, and weather consulting.

Media: With three HD studios, we’re able to create professional weather forecast videos for use in television, social media, apps, and websites. Our forecasts are tailored to our clients’ brand. Our content ranges from national to hyperlocal forecasts and air all over the country.

Weather Graphics: We have access to a robust weather dataset which allows us to create highly customizable, HD weather maps and graphics for use in television, digital signage, social media, and websites. Our white-label graphics allow our clients to push their own brands and sponsors.

Consulting: We lend our weather expertise to our clients to help with risk mitigation and business optimization by way of conference calls, emails, and briefings. We also have a forensic meteorology team that specializes in forensic weather analysis and expert testimony.

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Meteorologist Bo Cole

Meteorologist Bo Cole