It was 2008 when our founder and self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur,” Paul Douglas, started Praedictix. The original vision? To provide news outlets across the country an opportunity to outsource broadcast weather videos to a Minnesota-based team of seasoned meteorologists. At the peak of the recession, cutting costs was a priority in the broadcast industry (Paul fell victim to it himself). If the cost of employing a full-time, on-air meteorologist could be reduced significantly with a viable second option, why not? Cutting edge studios were built and, with the best internet money could by at the time, videos were to be pipelined to stations across the country for use on-air. We laugh now at the fact that this “remote” broadcast work was about 10-15 years too early. The concept of remote work in broadcasting was generally foreign and difficult for stations to get on board with. Thankfully, our business grew in many unexpected ways over the years with our videos being showcased on many different kinds of platforms across the world. However, the irony is that in a post-pandemic world, remote work has become the new norm in many industries with even the broadcast industry embracing it as staffing challenges arise. A full circle moment perhaps?

We’d like to reintroduce you to our broadcast weather services featuring our team of seasoned, veteran meteorologists and our brand new studios equipped with brand new technology in our latest video:

Our broadcast weather videos are available for any geographical location and are fully customizable with your branding and graphical elements. Our content is featured throughout many U.S. markets and internationally.  Additionally, you can monetize our forecasts with multiple sponsor integration options. Videos are available in customizable resolutions – in a format that fits your media platform. Our team of meteorologists have extensive experience covering all kinds of weather from hurricanes and dust to severe and winter weather.

Who is Praedictix? We are a weather company that focuses on delivering credible weather forecasts to our clients. We have three main offerings: videos, weather graphics, and weather consulting.

Media: With three full HD studios, we’re able to create professional weather forecast videos for use in television, social media, apps, and websites. Our forecasts are tailored to our clients’ brand. Our content ranges from national to hyperlocal forecasts and air all over the country.

Weather Graphics: We have access to a robust weather dataset which allows us to create highly customizable, HD weather maps and graphics for use in television, digital signage, social media, and websites. Our white-label graphics allow our clients to push their own brands and sponsors.

Consulting: We lend our weather expertise to our clients to help with risk mitigation and business optimization by way of conference calls, emails, and briefings. We also have a forensic meteorology team that specializes in forensic weather analysis and expert testimony.

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