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Tropical Storm Ignacio Info And Forecast Path

Latest Information And Forecast Path On Tropical Storm Ignacio.

Oh boy, here we go again. We’re talking about another tropical system – this one in the form of Tropical Storm Ignacio – that could impact Hawaii. The good news is that we have time to watch it over the next few days and the path could still change. As of 8 AM Pacific time Wednesday morning, Ignacio was sitting about 1,425 miles east-southeast of Hilo, Hawaii and moving west at 9 mph. Ignacio has been gradually strengthening, and at that time had winds of 60 mph.

(LATEST TROPICAL MAPS: AerisWeather Tropical Center)

Latest Satellite Loop Of Tropical Storm Ignacio. Courtesy NOAA.

Latest Satellite Loop Of Tropical Storm Ignacio. Courtesy NASA.

Tropical Storm Ignacio Forecast

Tropical Storm Ignacio Forecast Model Paths

Tropical Storm Ignacio Forecast Model Paths

Ignacio is sitting in an warm and moist environment, with little wind shear at the moment. While it is possible that wind shear will increase a little over the next few days, we still expect some gradual strengthening. The official National Hurricane Center forecast as of posting has Ignacio strengthening into a hurricane in the next 24 hours, and potentially into a Category 2 storm Friday, before some gradual weakening into next week.

While the general forecast path of this system takes it toward Hawaii, we are still several days out from this storm potentially impacting the 50th state of the United States. Things can easily change over this time period. We’ll keep an eye on this threat to Hawaii over the next few days.

Rain is not exactly what Hawaii needs at the moment, however, as monthly rain records are being set in some locations. Some of the rain totals across the state so far this month include:

  • Honolulu: 5.64″
  • Hilo: 16.88″
  • Lihue: 7.39″
  • Kahului: 2.12″

All of these values rank within the top ten for the month of August for their respective cities – with both Honolulu and Kahului having their wettest August on record. The total in Lihue ranks as the third wettest, and Hilo ranks as the eighth wettest. The whole state is currently under a Flash Flood Watch for the potential of more heavy rain through this evening.

Hawaii Advisories

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