It was a hot day across across the southern half of Florida yesterday, as temperatures soared into the 90s. Check out some of these high temperatures observed Sunday. The warmest was in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, which both made it up to an astounding 99 degrees!


Numerous record highs were tied or broken yesterday across southern Florida in this quick heat blast. Note: the Ft. Lauderdale temperature listed here was at the International Airport, the official reporting site for Ft. Lauderdale.

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Miami, FL, made it up to 96 during the day Sunday. This not only broke the previous record for the day, but tied the warmest high they have on record for the month of April! According to NWS Miami, it hasn’t been that hot in the 305 since July of 2011! No word if Mr. Worldwide broke a sweat…


It’ll be a cooler day today across Florida, with highs only making it to around 90 in the Miami area. The threat of storms also returns today, and the Florida peninsula is under the threat of some severe storms over the next few days.

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