We’re tracking a change in the jet stream over the next few days, one that will build a ridge over the western United States. This will bring record temperatures to parts of the Northwest as we head into the weekend. In some areas, the highs will potentially rival June and all-time record temperatures! The Northwest already saw record heat earlier this month, with Yakima, WA, tying their June all-time temperature.


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Already Heat Advisories and Excessive Heat Watches are in place as numerous areas are expected to reach the 90s and even 100s, and nighttime temperatures may not fall below 80 until the late evening to overnight hours. Some places might not get out of the 70s at night.


Highs will already be soaring into the 100s in spots Friday across parts of the Northwest, with Seattle nearing 90 degrees.


The heat bubble expands on Saturday, with even more locations expected to break the century mark!

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The heat moves a little bit further east on Sunday, with highs into the 100s into parts of Montana.

Let’s take a look at the forecast for a couple select locations in the Northwest and their temperature records as we head into the next few days.

Boise, ID



We’ll make a run toward out all time June record high this weekend and early next week in Boise, ID, with daytime highs expected to be 108 – one degree shy of that record.

Spokane, WA



In Spokane, it looks like we should be able to break the all-time June record high on Sunday by at least three degrees.

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