Do you need a Weather Consultant? Predicting the weather is easy, right? Wrong. Well, mostly wrong. Does your business depend on having reliable, timely weather information to make important decisions for deploying teams, assisting your customers and generally growing revenue? Particularly in the Winter time?  We thought so. Everyone does, but not everyone has the best voice in their ear. When it comes to weather, you have many sources, but which source do you check? Do you watch the news, check your apps/weather models, check the National Weather Service, and your favorite online resources? None of these are necessarily the wrong choice, but some are of course, better than others. If you rely on too many of these sources at the same time, it can lead to information overload and confusion, and ultimately, poor decision making, because you have too much noise in your ears, telling you what to do. 

This is where we come in. Our team has a number of highly skilled Meteorologists for this realm. One of our key Winter Weather Consulting team members, Meteorologist Bo Cole, an experienced Weather Consultant and Meteorologist has been in this business for a number of years, helping clients and customers just like you, to get pinpoint weather information to help your business needs with a very high degree of accuracy, under his BoKnowsWeather brand. Having the right person and team in your corner can mean the difference between thousands of dollars wasted on deploying the teams too early, or pulling them too late. It’s important to make the right decisions when time is of the essence. We all have access to the same information, but it’s how that information is processed, interpreted and delivered to you that matters, so you can make the decisions and leave the weather to us. 

BoKnowsWeather & Praedictix

Our team can help you, as Weather Consultants with years of proven experience, a high degree of accuracy and testimonials to back it up. We primarily specialize in Winter Consulting for the State of Minnesota, with a high emphasis on the Saint Cloud and Minneapolis/St.Paul areas, as well as Western Wisconsin. We help dozens of companies to meet their mark in these areas, for both seasonal snowfall consulting and even summer consulting.

Contact us today, or visit our pricing page for more information about how our process works, and how we can ultimately help you to make better decisions for your business and your customers. Spend more time in the field, and less time glued to the TV, weather maps and your phones!


Who is Praedictix? We are a weather company that focuses on delivering credible weather forecasts to our clients. We have three main offerings: media, weather graphics, and weather consulting.

Media: With three HD studios, we’re able to create professional weather forecast videos for use in television, social media, apps, and websites. Our forecasts are tailored to our clients’ brand. Our content ranges from national to hyperlocal forecasts and air all over the country.

Weather Graphics: We have access to a robust weather dataset which allows us to create highly customizable, HD weather maps and graphics for use in television, digital signage, social media, and websites. Our white-label graphics allow our clients to push their own brands and sponsors.

Consulting: We lend our weather expertise to our clients to help with risk mitigation and business optimization by way of conference calls, emails, and briefings. We also have a forensic meteorology team that specializes in forensic weather analysis and expert testimony.

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Meteorologist Bo Cole

Meteorologist Bo Cole