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Forecast 850mb Temperatures And 500mb Heights For Later Today

Forecast 850mb Temperatures And 500mb Heights For Later Today

While the calendar may say November, it certainly doesn’t feel like it across portions of the United States. That is especially true in parts of Florida, where a couple cities saw all-time record November highs on Monday. The record temperatures are thanks to an upper-level ridge across the eastern half of the United States, allowing warmth to not only build but also surge northward. This means that Florida won’t be the only ones to see daily records potentially fall the next few days – places as far north as Minnesota and New York state could see the same.

All-Time November Heat Monday

Tallahassee Set An All-Time November High On MondayTallahassee, FL saw a high yesterday of 89 degrees as the warmth bubbled across Florida. This not only broke the previous record for the day of 88 set in 1929, but also broke the all-time November high for the area. The warmest it had ever gotten in Tallahassee in November was also 88 degrees, set numerous times across the record, but most recently had occurred just the previous day, on Sunday the 1st.

Daytona Beach Set An All-Time November High On MondayTallahassee wasn’t the only one breaking all-time November records yesterday, as Daytona Beach also joined in on the fun. They reached a high of 90 Monday, breaking the previous warmest November day on record. That temperatures was 89, set back on the 1st of 2013 and the 28th of 1948. Of course, the high yesterday also broke the previous record for the day of 88 set back in 1951 and 1941.

More Record Highs Expected: Tuesday

Potential Record Highs TuesdayRecord heat is once again expected across portions of Florida today, though temperatures will likely stay below all-time November records. Places like Tampa and Jacksonville could all make a run at their record high today. Most of the records are in the mid to upper 80s, where highs will likely top off. However, some could approach the low 90s, like what we are expecting in Orlando. Of course, this makes today an excellent day to go out and vote – yes, it is Election Day!

Potential Record Highs TuesdayRecords aren’t expected to be only isolated to Florida, however. Places as far north as Minneapolis and Lansing, MI and as far west as Colorado Springs could all see temperatures climb into the 70s as we head into Tuesday afternoon. Today is a nice, warm day that we typically don’t see to being the month of November this far north.

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More Record Highs Expected: Wednesday

Potential Record Highs WednesdayRecord heat is expected to continue into Wednesday as well. First, taking a look at Florida, not as many records are expected heading into the afternoon hours on Wednesday, but places such as Tallahassee and Fort Myers will at least approach their November 4th record as highs once again climb into the middle and upper 80s, right around where the records for the day sit.

Potential Record Highs WednesdayOnce again, though, we’re watching the warmth surge northward before a cool front moves through later this week, and that means 70s in places you wouldn’t quite expect in November. Records highs will be possible as far north as Rochester, NY and Madison, WI on your hump day, a great day to get out and enjoy the weather! As these places are more accustomed to seeing snow on the ground on November 4th than highs in the 70s, you know the warmth won’t last… and soon enough, the flakes will start flying (and sticking to the ground).


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