National Weather Forecast

As we head into the beginning of another work week, rain and snow will be possible from the Great Lakes into the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, with some icing from western North Carolina to southern Pennsylvania. Storms will be possible in the Southeastern U.S. Meanwhile, rain and snow is expected in portions of the Northwest.

Both the heaviest rain and snow the next few days will be in the Northwest, with feet of snow for the mountains and over 3” of rain near the coast.


The Louisiana City Struck by Two Hurricanes Last Year Is Suffering in This Week’s Deep Freeze

More from Earther: “On Monday night, the temperature in Lake Charles, Louisiana dipped to 14 degrees Fahrenheit (minus-10 degrees Celsius), more than 30 degrees Fahrenheit (16.7 degrees Celsius) below average. Hours later, just before the sun rose on Tuesday morning, the city’s power supply abruptly shut off, taking the six local water plants offline with it. When residents woke up, some found themselves cold and in the dark, their water pressure low if working at all. … For residents in Lake Charles, these conditions have presented particularly acute challenges, impacting a population that has been battered by extreme weather over the past six months. Shouldering the weight of compounding climate crises, locals are struggling to keep up with each new disaster, let alone prepare for future ones. And, waking up once again in the cold and in the dark, they feel forgotten.

‘Devastating’: Excessive Drought And Heat Put Squeeze On Arizona’s Desert Plant Life

More from KJZZ: “The Arizona man known as the “Cactus Doctor” has seen a lot of sick patients lately. “It’s heartbreaking. We’ve never seen this. It’s a phenomenon that we’ve never seen — and it’s devastating,” said Arizona native Adam Vickers. Vickers has his own landscaping company specializing in their care. And lately, they have needed a whole lot of care, especially the iconic saguaro. “We’re seeing the saguaros shrivel up, and actually the soil is heating up as well, and it’s causing rotting on the base of the saguaro and the flesh begins to deteriorate and turn in to bacteria,” Vickers said.

How Much Does Climate Change Cost? Biden Expected to Raise Carbon’s Dollar Value

More from Inside Climate News: “The Trump administration didn’t put much value on lowering carbon emissions. In fact, it calculated that the benefits of action on climate change added up to as little as $1 per ton of carbon dioxide, and it set policy accordingly. Almost any steps to reduce greenhouse gases seemed too costly, given the paltry potential gain for society. President Joe Biden’s White House is moving forward on a crucial first step toward building back U.S. climate policy and is expected to direct federal agencies to use a figure closer to $52 per ton as their guidance for the so-called “social cost of carbon” number on a temporary basis.


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