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While the focus on the heat to begin August has mainly been across the southern Plains, that heat is now shifting back west into the weekend. Record highs are expected in parts of the Northwest over the next couple days, and across the Southwest as we approach the weekend. Already (as of posting) Excessive Heat Watches are in place for parts of the Southwest, with temperatures expected to reach 110-115 in some areas.

Heat Headlines Across The Country

Heat Headlines Across The Country

So, why’s the heat expanding back west? The upper level high that has been responsible for the excessive heat over the past week in the south is shifting back to the west, bringing with it the warmth. Of course, parts of the Northwest haven’t been strangers to the heat this year, with portions of the region seeing their warmest July on record. The heat likely won’t extend all the way west, however, into places like Seattle due to an upper level low in place, which you can see above in the featured image at the very top of this post. At the same time, the heat will be expanding into parts of the Northern Plains, where records highs are possible as well.

Potential Record Highs

8-12_WednesdayRecordsAfter a few records were broken across the Southern Plains yesterday (Houston, TX, reached an impressive high of 106, breaking their previous record), today looks the be the last day for records in these areas. Places like Austin and San Antonio will come within a degree of their record high for the day. Meanwhile, you can see that heat starting to build into parts of the interior Northwest and Northern Rockies. Both Kalispell, MT, and Spokane, WA, are likely to tie their records for the day. Not listed in this graphic: Miami, FL, which will likely tie their record high for the day as well.

8-12_ThursdayRecordsIf you are in Montana on Thursday, there’s a good chance you’ll see at least near record temperatures, as highs climb into the 90s and even 100s in parts of the state. Places like Great Falls are expected to beat the previous record for the day by a few degrees. Havre is expected to tie the record – a cool 101 – set back in 2001. Meanwhile, that warmth also extends over parts of the Northern Plains, with places in Minnesota reaching into the 90s. We’re forecasting a high tomorrow in Duluth, MN, of 90 degrees. That would be the first 90 of the year in the city, and it’ll come close to a record.

(MAPS: Forecast Highs)

8-12_FridayRecordsFriday the heat really starts to build in across portions of the Desert Southwest, with many of those Excessive Heat Watches going into effect. Record highs will be possible in some areas as highs soar above the century mark, including places like Roswell, NM, and Tucson, AZ.

As the heat increases out west over the next few days, we’ll keep tabs on it here at AerisWeather.


– Meteorologist D.J. Kayser

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