National Weather Forecast

On your Thanksgiving Thursday, a system will be working through the central United States. This will bring the threat of showers and thunderstorms from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast, and snow on the back side in the Front Range down to western Texas. Storms will also be possible along the Southeast Atlantic coast. A system near the Pacific Northwest will bring some rain and snow concerns.

The heaviest rain through Friday will fall across the Southern Plains and lower Mississippi Valley, where 3”+ will be possible. Snow will be possible from the Rockies into parts of western Texas. In parts of New Mexico and the Texas Panhandle, a half a foot or so could fall.


NASA Program Predicted Impact of Small Asteroid Over Ontario, Canada

More from NASA: “2022 WJ1 was a tiny asteroid on a collision course with Earth. But astronomers saw it coming, and NASA’s Scout impact hazard assessment system calculated where it would hit. In the early hours of Saturday, Nov. 19, the skies over southern Ontario, Canada, lit up as a tiny asteroid harmlessly streaked across the sky high in Earth’s atmosphere, broke up, and likely scattered small meteorites over the southern coastline of Lake Ontario. The fireball wasn’t a surprise. Roughly 1 meter (3 feet) wide, the asteroid was detected 3 ½ hours before impact, making this event the sixth time in history a small asteroid has been tracked in space before impacting Earth’s atmosphere.

Inside the COP27 fight to get wealthy nations to pay climate reparations

More from Grist: “For more than three decades, the developing world has demanded that wealthy countries pay up for the “loss and damage” that vulnerable nations are already experiencing due to climate change. Those calls were finally met early Sunday morning when the 27th United Nations climate change conference, or COP27, came to a close in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. A new global pact establishes a fund “for responding to loss and damage” and creates a transitional committee to work out who will contribute to the fund, which developing countries will be eligible to draw from it, and how it will be governed. Negotiators for developing countries and nonprofits cheered the decision, noting that it was long overdue.

Authorities in Western U.S. Agree to Rip-Up Grass Lawns for Water Conservation

More from Gizmodo: “A group of agencies that provide water to millions of customers in the western U.S. has agreed to rip-up grass lawns in public spaces across multiple states as part of an effort to reduce water usage as the Colorado River continues to suffer from a major drought. More than 30 agencies that draw water from the river signed on to the conservation agreement last week. The pledge promises to remove 30% of grass lawns and replace them with “drought- and climate-resilient landscaping while maintaining vital urban landscapes and tree canopies,” that benefit communities and wildlife. The agencies will remove the many well-manicured lawns seen throughout parking lots, neighborhood entryways, and highway medians.


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