We’re thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with Topo.ai, a leader in the critical event management industry with their flexible, cutting-edge software platform. The latest press release dives into this exciting relationship. Integrating our personalized weather consulting products and services into their security platform allows risk managers to access even more actionable information–beyond just automated weather data. Praedictix believes in the human factor. Having expert meteorologists interpret the weather for specific industries, tailored to their customers, is what we specialize in.

Praedictix leverages cutting edge weather technology and a team of seasoned meteorological veterans for a wide variety of use cases, including:

  1. Advanced Story-Telling. Praedictix provides and delivers video content for legacy media and new streaming platforms, telling the weather story on a national, regional, and local basis, with meteorologists who have seen it all – in a format that is cost-effective and sustainable. Smartphone apps are great, but consumers still want to see and hear compelling video weather stories, personalized for their hometowns. Praedictix provides weather segments for specific needs for media customers worldwide.
  2. Extreme Weather Briefings. Every company has different needs and operational concerns, with a unique footprint of facilities and business risk. Praedictix meteorologists analyze weather patterns, providing several days’ notice of weather events that may threaten staff, customers, and specific facilities. Nobody likes surprises – the goal is to set better expectations for managers and be ready for whatever comes next. These briefings include next-generation mapping capabilities from Topo.ai that provide instant situational awareness for users, allowing decision-makers to see a national, macro-view of potential risk while drilling down into the micro of specific facilities to ensure storm readiness. Briefings arrive in multiple formats, tailored for each company’s daily needs and requirements.
  3. Weather Optimization. Praedictix goes beyond severe weather briefings and alerts to help companies isolate day-to-day weather patterns, finding the times most favorable for successful operations. The construction industry relies on favorable weather conditions to build everything from commercial real estate projects to wind turbines. Weather-related delays can be costly. With careful planning and consultation with Praedictix meteorologists, scheduling outdoor projects becomes more cost-effective. Proprietary “Weather Windows” are delivered to clients, highlighting specific days and hours most (and least) favorable for scheduling outdoor work.
  4. Event Weather. Praedictix helps large corporations manage outdoor events, ensuring that staff and customers are not adversely impacted by lightning, flooding, icing, or high winds that could increase the risk of personal injury and potential litigation. We all know that weather can change in the blink of an eye – our technology and meteorologists provide a safety net that increases peace of mind for event planners looking for successful outcomes.
  5. Forensic Meteorology. The cost of extreme weather continues to rise, a combination of “weather-on-steroids” and more development putting more facilities in the path of extreme storms. Weather is increasingly material in court cases involving damage or injury, and Praedictix meteorologists have the databases and expertise to isolate weather for a specific event, confirming that a specific storm was capable of specific damage on a given day and time. We work with some of the nation’s leading law firms to help them win weather-related cases. Learn more about our forensic consultations.

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Who is Praedictix? We are a weather company that focuses on delivering credible weather forecasts to our clients. We have three main offerings: media, weather graphics, and weather consulting.

Media: With two HD studios, we’re able to create professional weather forecast videos for use in television, social media, apps, and websites. Our forecasts are tailored to our clients’ brand. Our content ranges from national to hyperlocal forecasts and air all over the country.
Weather Graphics: We have access to a robust weather dataset which allows us to create high customizable, HD weather maps and graphics for use in television, digital signage, social media, and websites. Our white-label graphics allow our clients to push their own brands and sponsors.
Consulting: We lend our weather expertise to our clients to help with risk mitigation and business optimization by way of conference calls, emails, and briefings. We also have a forensic meteorology team that specializes in forensic weather analysis and expert testimony.

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