WeatherPlay by Praedictix: A Customizable Local  Weather Channel  

Become the Local “Go-To” Source for Weather in your Community

A 24/7 weather channel for cable companies looking for an alternative to WeatherPoint and other weather products being discontinued.

Automated Weather Graphics from Praedictix

WeatherPlay by Praedictix

Minneapolis, MN: Praedictix’s WeatherPlay is a highly customizable platform which allows you to create a “wheel” of automated local 24/7 weather content.  Many media companies and/or broadband cable municipalities, are dealing with discontinued products, outdated systems and hardware that is no longer being supported.  Praedictix’s has the new solution you’ve been looking for! Upgrade your local weather channel with WeatherPlay’s high-resolution maps and graphics tailored for each client individually.  Construct your channel from an array of maps, panel graphics, and forecast videos. As a result, you give clients their own local weather channel! 

A solution for wxpoint and other local weather channels for broadband, media and utility companies with the latest weather data and technology.

Give your clients current weather all the time


As a “white label” product your 24/7 automated weather channel is completely customizable! WeatherPlay includes a full suite of weather content to choose from–from radar loops and forecast maps to current conditions and extended forecast graphics. In addition, Praedictix works closely with our clients to create custom map views and the perfect line-up of relevant weather content. 

  • Include a live severe weather crawl when severe weather threatens your coverage area! This crawl scrolls through the latest National Weather Service watches and warnings for coverage area, anywhere in the United States.
  • Easily integrate your own graphical elements and logos.
  • Utilize banners and icons to complete your own unique look.
  • Integrate your maps with a website.
  • Most noteworthy is the sponsorship integration. As a result of these integration capabilities an additional revenue stream opens for owners of the WeatherPlay.

A low maintenance turn-key solution! WeatherPlay includes hardware loaded with your player and custom graphics. 

Local weather for anywhere in the U.S., tailored for any client needs.

Need radar 24/7? You got it!

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