National Weather Forecast

What is left of Nicholas will continue to impact portions of the lower Mississippi Valley/central Gulf Coast on Thursday, bringing more rounds of rain that could lead to flooding. Showers and storms will also be possible in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast and upper Midwest. Rain and higher elevation snow will be possible in the Pacific Northwest.

The heaviest rain through the end of the week will continue to be down along the central Gulf Coast, where rainfall amounts from Wednesday through Friday could top 6” in some locations. That could lead to flash flooding. We’re also watching for some heavier rain in the Northeast, upper Midwest, and Pacific Northwest.


Late-Night Shows Are Teaming Up to Tackle Climate Change

More from the New York Times: “Climate change may not be the easiest subject to laugh about, but a group of late-night hosts are teaming up in hopes of raising awareness about the issue and even finding some humor in it. On Sept. 22, seven of the network and cable late-night shows will take part in Climate Night, during which each of these programs will have a focus on climate change and produce their own original content on the topic.

Rooftop solar systems survived Hurricane Ida; in blackout, some powered neighbors, too

More from “Jenel Hazlett didn’t have time to evacuate her family and their little zoo of pets as Hurricane Ida rapidly strengthened. Instead, they rode out the Category 4 storm in their house in New Orleans’ North Carrollton neighborhood. When Ida crippled a major Entergy electricity tower and transmission lines, it sentenced much of southeast Louisiana to a week or more of heat and darkness. But the Hazlett family’s 37 rooftop solar panels made the blackout bearable, channeling the sun’s energy down to two thin white lithium batteries that kept portions of the house powered.

The Kids Are Not Alright

More from Gizmodo: “If you spent even 10 minutes at one of the youth climate strikes that roiled the world pre-covid-19, you’d know the kids are incredibly upset at the lot the world is handing them. Now, scientists have categorized that anguish in a landmark study. The findings, published in Lancet Planetary Health on Tuesday, show that kids and young adults in every corner of the globe are facing a mental health crisis driven by government inaction to end fossil fuel use. That will, in the words of the authors, lead to “significant, long-lasting” mental health impacts.


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