National Weather Forecast

Two systems will be impacting that nation as we head into Monday. One will be reaching the West Coast, bringing rain and snow along with it as well as some embedded thunderstorms. Rain will be possible all the way south into central California. We’ll also watch the potential for rain and snow from the Upper Midwest to Great Lakes and New England.

The heaviest rain through the first part of the week will be in the Northwest, where coastal and mountainous areas could see over 3” of liquid.

And the mountainous areas in the western United States could see several inches of snow accumulation.


Extreme Heat-Related Cardiovascular Deaths Will Double By Midcentury At Current Emission Pace, Study Finds

More from Forbes: “A new study found if stricter laws aren’t passed to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, extreme heat-related cardiovascular deaths will double by midcentury, putting already susceptible Black and older Americans at the greatest risk. The researchers looked at extreme heat deaths under two circumstances: implementation of currently proposed emission reduction laws—so there’s a lower increase in greenhouse gas emissions—and no significant reduction efforts, causing greenhouse gas emissions to increase at the same rate they have for over two decades. If proposed legislation is implemented, extreme heat-related cardiovascular deaths in the continental U.S. are estimated to increase by 162% between 2036 and 2065 due to a projected rise in extreme heat days, according to a study published Monday in Circulation.

Oil and Gas Companies Spill Millions of Gallons of Wastewater in Texas

More from Inside Climate News: “The prolific oil and gas wells of Texas also generate billions of gallons of salty liquid known as produced water. A lot of this toxic water, just like crude oil, tends to get spilled. Not just occasionally, but hundreds of times a year. From a large spill of 756,000 gallons into the Delaware River in West Texas that sent chloride levels soaring, to hundreds of small spills in one Permian Basin county, there’s hardly a corner of Texas not impacted. But messy record-keeping and ambiguous rules at the Railroad Commission of Texas, which regulates oil and gas drilling, have long obscured the scope and severity of these spills from the public.

What to Know About the Coming U.S. Hydrogen Energy Boost

More from Gizmodo: “The Biden administration is betting on hydrogen to power the country, create well-paying jobs, and lower climate-warming emissions. Last month, the president announced that $7 billion will be invested to create seven regional hydrogen-producing hubs across the U.S., promising to work with unions and disadvantaged areas so that “all communities share in the benefits of the clean energy transition.” Why hydrogen? It’s one the most abundant elements in the universe, and it has the highest energy per mass compared to other fuels. Here are the key things to know as the U.S. embarks on a multibillion-dollar effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by developing hydrogen as a power source.


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