We are thrilled to have more and more WeatherPlay systems going online and delivering hyper-local weather to many communities across the country. Our player systems are now delivering local weather channels to communities in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, Alabama, and Iowa. Haven’t heard of it? WeatherPlay is a platform which allows you to create a highly customizable “wheel” of automated local 24/7 weather content. In other words, you can design a customizable, local weather channel. We can create weather content centered on any zip code in the nation. Many of our clients are excited to be able to provide their audience with hyper-local, relevant weather content for their towns, not the nearest big city 100 miles away. Above all, the audience gets to enjoy access to their
“own” local weather information. As the old saying goes, all weather is local. Your viewers will instantly notice the difference.

A New Standard


Over the years Praedictix has witnessed a growing need for a new standard in automated weather content, as compelling, cost-effective options have dwindled over time. Products that were cutting-edge 10 years ago have quickly become outdated and obsolete. Therefore, we decided to harness our ability to create high definition, customizable weather graphics and lever our access to a robust set of weather data. By centering on any town or geographical area, creating a truly local weather channel can be easily accomplished. “WeatherPlay” is a turn-key player system. Our technology creates a fully automated, 24/7 weather channel for television and cable. Our weather content is tailored to your hometown and your specific operational needs.

From television to websites and social media, our high-resolution weather graphics and weather maps come in all shapes and sizes, for any geographical location. We have multiple options for base-maps and a full suite of weather data layers to choose from. Additionally, you can integrate your logo, sponsor graphics, and your own graphical elements such as banners and icons to complete your own unique look. With the ability to integrate sponsored content such as logos, full-screen graphics, and even full commercial inserts, now you have the tools to monetize weather like never before.

WeatherPlay features:

  • Customizable, Local Weather Maps & Graphics
  • Up-to-date Weather Data 24/7
  • Branding Overlays
  • Sponsor and Ad Integration (images or video)
  • Meteorologist-hosted Video Forecasts
  • Lower Thirds and L-Bar Layouts
  • Severe Weather Tickers

Ready to bring hometown weather to your community? Contact us today.