While today is the last day of June, it’s not too early (I think) to take a look back at the month that was June of 2015. Some of the highlights I could find was record heat out west and heavy rains across portions of the Ohio Valley – thanks, in part, due to tropical moisture from Bill. Let’s take a look at some of the new records that have been set this month.

New All-Time June Records Out West


It has been a hot month across the Northwest, but no more than this past weekend, when many locations tied or set new all-time June record highs from Washington to Montana. Some of these could even turn into all-time June statewide record high temperatures, like the 113 seen in Walla Walla, WA on Sunday. That, if verified, would be able to break the previous Washington state June record high of 112 back on June 18, 1961 at the John Day Dam. The 111 in Lewiston, ID, Sunday also would break the Idaho state June record of 110 previously set numerous times if verified.

One of the more interesting stories this month has been in Yakima, WA. They had previously tied their all-time June record of 105 back on June 8th. The previous time it had been set was back on June 23, 1992. However, they hit 108 both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend to set a new June record for the town.

Other places set all-time record highs this past weekend, like Omak, WA. They reached a high of 110 on Sunday, beating their previous all-time record set back on July 8, 2001 of 109.

Places like Spokane and Boise could even see their warmest June on record due to all the heat this month across the Northwest.


Unfortunately the heat is sticking around the Northwest as we head into the 4th of July weekend, with highs today once again in the 90s to 100s in spots.

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Record Monthly Rainfall


Meanwhile, towards the center of the country, we were talking about rain once again this month. Above is a look at rain across the state of Illinois in June (through the 29th), courtesy of the Midwestern Regional Climate Center. Almost the entire state has seen over 6″ of rain this month – with 9″+ in a number of areas.


List of the wettest Junes on record for the state of Illinois

All this rain has allowed Illinois to have a statewide average of 9.37″ for the month (through the 29th), making it the wettest June on record for the state. It (so far) has beaten the old record of 8.27″ by over an inch. That record was set back in 1902.


The average monthly June rainfall for the state of Illinois is 5.17″ – meaning this month beat the average by 4.20″ with a day to go.




List of the wettest months on record for the state of Illinois

Not only has Illinois seen their wettest June on record, they also currently sit second on the list of wettest months on record. They would still need just over a quarter inch of rain on average across the state today to reach the number one spot. We’ll know where things stand sometime on Wednesday whether it remains only the second wettest month or if it becomes the wettest month in Illinois history. For note, these state records go back to 1895.


Down in St. Louis, not only have they had to deal with severe storms recently, but a lot of rain. Through Monday, the Gateway City has seen 13.14″ of rain this month. That makes it the wettest June on record, shattering the previous of 12.35″ set in 2003. It also places it as the second wettest month on record. Unless they get over 1.64″ of rain today, that record will stay put.

Other areas are also seeing some of their wettest Junes on record. Here is a list of some of those locations (stats through Monday):

  • Springfield, IL is sitting at their fifth wettest June on record with 9.14″ of rain.
  • Peoria, IL has seen their second wettest June on record with 11.60″ and only needs 0.09″ to tie the previous record set in 1974. This month is also the fifth wettest month on record.
  • Indianapolis, IN is sitting at 8.36″ of rain this month, good enough for the seventh wettest June on record.
  • Fort Wayne, IN has seen their wettest month on record with 11.91″ of rain.
  • Evansville, IN has had 7.39″ of rain this June, placing them at the sixth wettest June on record.
  • Baltimore, MD is sitting at 13.09″ of rain for June, making it the wettest June on record and fourth wettest month.

Forecast To Begin July


Heavy rain is possible over to begin the month of July over portions of the Mid-Mississippi, Tennessee and Ohio River Valleys – where over 3″ of rain could fall between now and Sunday. A good chunk of that will likely fall Wednesday and Thursday.


Taking a look out toward Independence Day, we’re looking at the chance of showers and storms across portions of the Northeast into the central part of the country. The heat will still be on in parts of the west, with Billings getting close to 100 once again.

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